Why you HAVE to travel to Vietnam

04, December, 2016

Why you HAVE to travel to Vietnam

Why you HAVE to travel to Vietnam
Explore, Educate, and Embrace

You have so many options when it comes to choosing where you want to travel, the world literally is your oyster. You will want to find a country that can offer you a plethora of activities and options to see an amazing variety of sights. Sights you will forever hold in your memory.

Travelling has become a passion, for some it's the thrill of exploring areas untouched by tourists, whilst for others, they want the experience of learning about another culture.

Travel does not have to be expensive or involve you walking around with a backpack.

Many people choose to travel a country with a tour guide and in a country like Vietnam, the cost of living is notoriously cheaper.

Travel is a great way to open your eyes to what the world holds, imagine visiting a country that can offer you the most diverse countryside, vibrant cities and the friendliest people you could possibly meet.

We introduce to you Vietnam. Vietnam is becoming a country to hit the top of the list for many 'would be' travelers.

We have dissected and put together our Top 10 reasons why you should be taking the time to visit Vietnam when you get hit with the travel bug.

After all, we believe there is no other country in Asia who can offer insight into a past, present and future in such a diverse range of ways.

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1. We have to start with the people. Vietnam is known for its friendly, open and caring people. You will be greeted with smiles, honesty, and curiosity. Visiting a country where you feel comfortable and welcome makes your travel much more enjoyable.

2. The hustle and bustle of the crazy cities. Vietnam is dotted with spectacular, colorful and at times intimidating cities. Each offering their own quirks and traditions. Travel to any Vietnam city and you will be able to explore temples, eat delicious street food and browse their many night markets. From Hanoi to Danang; you will not be disappointed.

3. Time to appreciate history. Vietnam has been through a turbulent past, a past littered with violence, western rulers and a country divided. You cannot fail but be amazed at where it is now. Travel to some of the oldest temples in the world and absorb ancient history or simply take the time to visit a war museum in one of the cities, where ever you travel to Vietnam, it's past will always be close to you.

4. Food. Vietnamese food has to be some of the healthiest and diverse cuisines in the world. With a french influence and the fact it's main crops are rice, coffee and cocoa you will undoubtedly be able to try foods you will not be disappointed by. Street food can include anything from grilled sweet potatoes to over 30 types of noodles, freshly cooked vegetables and not a sugar-laden donut in sight. Be prepared to open your taste buds and enjoy traditional cuisine cooked by a local. Read more: Vietnamese Food and Drink

5. Diversity. We cannot fail to mention the incredibly diverse terrain Vietnam will offer you. It has over 2000 miles of coastline and from North to South, you will be graced with sandy white beaches, rainforests with impressive waterfalls, deep caverns and rice paddies as far as the eye can see. Travel through Vietnam and you will see sights others can only dream of.

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6. Internal Transportation. Travel and infrastructure around Vietnam have improved hugely over the last couple of years. Roads are being improved, buses and trains are offering more services and it's extremely affordable. You can choose to book cheap internal flights, take a night train or take a bumpy ride on one of the many buses flowing from city to city. This is where a tour guide can come in extremely helpful; they will always advise you of the best way to move around their country.

7. Tour operators. The best way to see any new country is to use a tour operator, they can offer you reassurance and knowledge. A Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel will also advise you on the best places to visit, the most suitable accommodation and the best restaurants or night markets to enjoy some local food. Travel around a new country can be daunting, but a tour operator really can take the stress away from your adventure. They always have your best interests at heart.

8. Live like a local. There are few countries where you can have the opportunity to experience traditional family life and stay with a Vietnamese family. A homestay is a great way to travel Vietnam and really embrace everything it has to offer. Imagine sitting down and enjoying a traditionally cooked meal with a family who makes you feel so incredibly welcome. From a traditional village home overlooking rice paddies to a modern home in the city, homestay options are a great way to feel part of Vietnam.

9. Explore the Mekong. Many of Vietnam's cities are married perfectly alongside the Mekong River. The Mekong has its own community of people who live, work and thrive off its continuous presence. As you travel through one of the cities or towns, you will be able to eat lunch on the Mekong, take a boat ride with a local and even stay in one of the stilted small hotels that line its shores. The vastness of the Mekong is impressive and truly breathtaking.

10.  Get educated. Vietnam's past and present is well documented, whether you choose to visit an ancient temple or a modern museum, you will not fail to be educated about this diverse country. Taking time to learn about Vietnam will leave you wanting to come back to this wonderful and alluring country. A country who does not forget it's past and entirely embraces its future.

If you choose to travel through Vietnam, how do you book a Vietnam tour package?
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The future of Vietnam travel.
Tourism really is important for Vietnam, its a country with the ability to offer an experience for tourists looking for their own unique Vietnamese holiday; from backpackers, nature lovers, beach addicts to people seeking relaxation. Vietnam really offers a diverse holiday opportunity.

Choose Vietnam for your holiday adventure; a country full of beautiful culture, beautiful people, exotic cuisine, and scenery beyond your imagination.

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