Vietnam Offers Students Education and Adventure

29, December, 2016

Vietnam Offers Students Education and Adventure

There’s more to education than the classroom and books; ‘’travel broadens the mind’’ so they say and parents who take their children somewhere other than a sandy beach for their annual holidays usually add to their children’s education in an instant. There are parts of the world with that sandy beach and so much more. If you think about South East Asia, Vietnam a case in point, there is so much to learn, see and do that it is a natural place for people of all ages to visit. When it comes to students, whatever their studies involve, Vietnam can offer so much insight into life, social interaction, history and culture. For those in search of adventure there are also the remote areas where they can explore, trek and climb as well as the coast which offers the whole range of sea activities. Vietnam bears close examination for any student looking for new experiences.

A good Vietnam tour operator is able to put together Vietnam tour packages that fit in with its clients wishes. Vietnam student travel has no problem with Vietnam’s transport infrastructure which is good enough for travellers to see and experience different parts of the Country fairly easily. There are regular domestic flights from Hanoi in North to Central Vietnam and down to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) or in reverse. The road and rail network is good and always land travel at a more leisurely pace.

Often students have more holiday before they start their careers so a Vietnam student adventure can be spread over more than a couple of weeks. That being the case here are just a few ideas that are available for students tour in Vietnam.There will be plenty of time to meet the locals, perhaps have a homestay in a remote village and really observe daily life. Some of the time will inevitably be spent in cities, and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are cities that offer plenty of experiences.

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The Hill Tribes in the North
The Northern Highlands up towards the Chinese border is a poor region where small ethnic tribes live as they have for generations. They grow vegetables and one of the highlights of a visit is to go to the Sapa Terraces located on hillsides. In Spring the water shimmers as villages plant rice and as the weeks go by and shoots appear they change to green until finally in autumn the crop is ready and they appear golden.

This is a great region for trekking and exploration as well as interacting with the tribes; a genuine Vietnam student tour experience. Students will have a chance to meet several ethnic minorities while they are there.

Fishing Communities in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is a 120 kilometre coastline, 2,000 islands and small fishing villages, with the houses on stilts. It is a bay that offers the chance for a range of activities and well as spending overnight on a boat or perhaps on one of the islands, typically the largest Cat Ba which has accommodation and plenty more to offer.

The Mekong Delta
This is the most fertile part of Vietnam. Agriculture is essential to daily life and plenty of villagers are fishermen as well. This is an iconic river that rises in the Tibetan Plateau before following down into a huge delta of wide channels as well as backwaters before finally flowing into the East Sea.

If you simply want to relax and watch daily life you can do so; it will be another good piece of education and cruises are available within Vietnam tour packages to help you do that.

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Vietnam Cuisine
The World has embraced Asian cuisine. While Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese led the way, Vietnam cuisine is becoming increasingly popular. Television is offering an increasing number of cookery programmes with the result that everyone is getting a better chance to learn about styles and ingredients. Some people may want to go away on Vietnam student holidays to forget the ‘’classroom’’ completely for a while but there is the chance to learn more about Vietnamese food and its preparation in many places; a day of cookery lessons is real fun. Read more: Vietnamese Food and Drink

Vietnam History, Religion & Culture
Students of modern history will be intrigued by the chance to see the setting of the Vietnam War. In Central Vietnam, there is evidence of American action with some of Vietnam’s history destroyed by the fighting. The Chi Chu Tunnels north of Ho Chi Minh City (then Saigon, the Capital of South Vietnam) were used by the Viet Cong to hide from the Americans. They sheltered for days on end and had to live in very cramped conditions. The Mekong was also the scene of a great deal of fighting while there are numerous museums offering further insight into the War, as well as other important events in Vietnam history.

Hanoi is just one of the cities where there are temples. Bach Ma Temple in the Old Quarter has been damaged by flooding over the years. Another gem is Ngoc Son Temple (Jade Mountain) at the north end of Hoan Kiem Lake while the Temple of Literature was built in the 11th Century. There are other examples throughout the Country with the ancient capital of Hue another place that students travelling in Vietnam should ask to be included in a Vietnam travel package. Read more:

Asia was once a continent of mystery. The stories about the Silk Road and early contact with the West are legendary. These days there are few countries that have not captured the imagination of travellers and Vietnam has certainly benefitted from the huge growth in air travel. It is a country that reveals itself to all, a mixture of old and new, a lovely natural environment as well as busy cities. Students in search of knowledge and adventure will do well to look at Vietnam for their next holiday.

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