Vietnam in February, month of celebrations

04, January, 2018

Vietnam in February, month of celebrations

Winter in many parts of the world means short days and long nights, often with temperatures falling to close to, or below freezing. After several weeks of winter, you may decide that a holiday somewhere is the best way to escape, albeit briefly. If your choice is an exotic Vietnam holiday, then you will certainly want to know what awaits you. You may not be able to have a Vietnam holiday with kids at that time of year because of their education but that is no reason to write off a February holiday completely. It is still winter in Vietnam in theory but such is the variation in latitude, north to south, in Vietnam, the climate varies tremendously and with the advice of a good Vietnam travel agent, you can certainly get a Vietnam travel package that allows you to see the best of what the country has to offer. Read more: Vietnamese Festivals and Events

It has to be said if you are in search of the sun then you will be advised to concentrate on the southern half of the country. It will be fairly cool up in the north, and even cold, but temperatures rise as you head south. Central Vietnam is certainly pleasant during February while Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern Provinces will be warmer again. That means that if you want to enjoy a beach holiday in one of Vietnam’s southern coastal resorts February is eminently suitable.

There is an increasingly well-developed tourist infrastructure in Vietnam’s coastal resorts. Vietnam has an extensive coastline and from Central Vietnam southwards, as well as on offshore islands, tourists can expect to be met by sandy beaches, warm seas and delicious seafood caught that same day. There are plenty of watersports for the energetic though if you simply want to relax and smile at the thought of the poor weather at home, do so.

Vietnamese follow the lunar calendar and Tet or Vietnamese New Year, often falls in February. Ask your travel agent for further details but Tet is certainly a good time to be in Vietnam to join in the celebrations. Some things might be closed but the fun more than compensates for that. You may be asked to join in the festivities, and if you are, agree immediately.

tet festival

One of the many advantages in booking a Vietnam travel package is that all your transport and accommodation arrangements are made in advance. Many locals will be travelling home to enjoy the festivities so booking well in advance is essential around Tet. Two weeks after Tet, further celebrations take place. Tet Nguyen Tieu celebrates the first full moon of the year. In Central Vietnam, you will see the people floating lanterns on the Thu Bon River or hanging them in the streets in Hoi An. Hoi An was an important trading port as early as the 7th Century during the Champa Kingdom and this ancient city is certainly somewhere to include on your travels.

Hoi An is not alone in celebrating. You can expect to see the local people burning incense and generally celebrating the lives of their ancestors who remain very important to every Vietnamese family.

The Communist Party was founded in Vietnam in the month of February, the 3rd to be exact, and the major celebrations are up in the north in Hanoi which has always been its centre. There will be parades and plenty of music. Shows praise the Party for guiding the country through to the present day and there will be plenty of national flags on display. It is a particularly colourful time in Hanoi and time to get your camera out.

There is plenty to see and do in Vietnam in February. Two of the highlights of a holiday in Vietnam is the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of Halong Bay and the Sapa Terraces in the Highlands north of Vietnam. Neither are out of bounds if you pick February as your time to visit the Country, but perhaps they are best seen later in the year. It is certainly worth talking to a local expert when putting together an itinerary for February. You will certainly avoid your poor weather at home for a while and celebrations like Tet are truly memorable. The Vietnamese are naturally happy and hospitable people and Tet is just one of the many opportunities they get to enjoy themselves around the year. If you want to have fun alongside them, February is often a good time to do it.