How to spend two weeks in Vietnam

20, November, 2018

How to spend two weeks in Vietnam

Vietnam today has become the new home for tourists. So if you are interested in making your next two weeks break the best one you have had already, Vietnam is the right spot for you. There are many beauties to behold in this country that a month might not be sufficient for you to explore all these beauties. These 2 weeks in Vietnam travel guide will help you arrange your time to enjoy your stay.

Here are some of the essential things to note before embarking on your journey to Vietnam that will help you enjoy your two weeks stay:

•    Check the weather condition; it will not always be favorable. So check if it is perfect for your health.
•    Check the price of the commodity in Vietnam and ensure you have enough funds to power the tour. If you are not a type that test new foods, ensure you prepare well ahead of time.
•    Seek the help of expert tour guide. They will help you get detailed information about the paces you will be visiting.
•     Touring through the city will require more cash; hence ensure you have more than enough. Life is not expensive in Vietnam but it better to keep more money for an emergency.
•    Learn to sleep early so that you can quickly start the day’s activity and cover more ground.
•    Get the right travel visa to afford you secure entrance into Vietnam. And ensure you quickly get your tourist visa upon arriving in Vietnam.

We do hope these 2 weeks in Vietnam tour guide will help you thoroughly enjoy your stay in Vietnam and afford you the opportunity to explore and see the beauties embedded in the Vietnam environment.

1.    Start the tour in Ho Chi Minh City
The best place to start your tour in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City which is the former capital of Vietnam; it is popularly referred to as Saigon. It has grown to become the economic center of Vietnam. To explore the complete beauty of the city, you may need to spend up to 3 nights there. Here are some favorite places to visit:

•    The war remnant museum: The museum was opened in 1975 and was formerly called the exhibition house for the US. It houses the equipment used during the Vietnam War, you will get to see the tanks, helicopters, the American plane,and other war equipment and machine there.
•    The independence palace: The palace was designed by architect Ngo Viet Thu; it is also referred to as the reunification palace. The tanks used for the war and a sample helicopter can be seen in this location. A five-story building with a bunker basement that features several tunnels and a communication center.
•    The Saigon central post office: This is one of the oldest structures in Saigon. This massive building in itself invites people to come and visit it, you will get to see several maps and mosaic of Vietnam former presidents.
•    The Ben Thanh Market: This market is filled with several large stalls where those visiting Vietnam can get local handicrafts and souvenir at a low price. This is also the best location to enjoy Vietnam local dishes.
•    The Dong Khoi Street: For the best shopping and dining experience in Vietnam, you will need to visit Dong Khoi Street. This  street houses several colonial buildings, big boutiques, luxurious hotels, and several cafés

Other locations to visit include the Jade Emperor Pagoda, Saigon Opera House, Binh Tay Market, and the Bitexco Financial tower,etc. this will take up to three days to complete the tour.   

2. Cu Chi Tunnels, a day’s trip
The Cu Chi tunnel is another fantastic place to explore in Vietnam. It is a day’s trip from Ho Chi Minh City,and it sums all the stress and hardship of the war as well the strength of the Vietnamese people.  The tunnel is close to 240 km (150 miles); it was dug exclusively using bare hand and other small, simple tools.

The tunnel was also used by the Americans for protection during the war,and from this tunnel, you can explore the tunnels of Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc. You can also explore the deep underground in this tunnel where you can see the shooting range they used for practice and get to experiment with one of the AK-47 there. You may then return to Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy the rest of the day.

3.    The Nha Trang, spend 2 nights
Known mostly for war, Vietnam also serves as a home for several beaches which may be found in Nha Trang. This place is the best site to relax and enjoy for 2 days in your 2 weeks tour in Vietnam, you will also get to enjoy several outdoor recreations.

•    You can enjoy soaking  up in the sun on the Bai Dai Beach
•    You can also admire the Yang Bay Waterfalls
•    You may hike to the Thap Ba Hot spring and mud bath. You can also take a brief sailing lesson go for scuba diving or rent a bicycle to tour around the beach.
You will need at least 2 days to explore all this beauty, so be prepared to enjoy the natural beauty in Nha Trang.

4.    Hoi An, spend 2 nights
This is one of the ancient cities of Vietnam; it is built on a stunning canal which leads to the East Vietnam Sea. The architecture of this city comprises of the French, Japanese, Portuguese and severalother regions. Here are some places you can visit in this ancient city:

•    The old town: this is one of the most preserved trading ports in Vietnam; it dates back to the 15th and 19th century. Most of the buildings in the area are built in the traditional Chinese style. You will need a single ticket to gain entrance into the mainattraction. You can also enjoy the incredible folk music performances that are held at several intervals in the day at the Hoi An Handicraft Workshop.
•    The Japanese covered bridge: Also referred to as the Cau Chua Pagoda, it is one of the most visited landmarks in the city. The bridge helps provide suitable shelter for everyone crossing the elements. The decoration it carries and the carvings depicting animals are one good reason why you should visit this location.
•    The Hoi An Night Market: There are several spots to shop in Hoi An, the market is opened at about 5:00 pm every day and more than 500 vendors are there to sell their goods and services. There you can also get the paper Lantern which glows well at night.
•    The Cantonese Assembly Hall: Another beautiful sight to explore is the Cantonese Assembly hall. Many refer to this building as Quang Trieu, it is close to Cau Pagoda. It was constructed by the Cantonese settler in the 19th century. The structure and the decoration are the main beauty of this building.

Other beautiful locations to visit in Hoi An  is the Old House of Tan Ky, An Bang Beach, the Hoi An central market,and the Old house Phun Hung.

5.    Hue spend a night
This is one of the imperial capitals of Vietnam; it housed severalemperors in the 19th and the early 20th century. Hue is located on the bank of the perfume river, it boasts several majestic architectural masterpieces and museums which highlights the great history of Vietnam.

To enjoy touring in Hue, you may start at the imperial citadel or at Dai Noi;   this will afford you the opportunity to tour the big complex which composes of the Thai Hoa Palace where emperor always has their coronation.

You can also visit the Truong Sanh Residence which is a royal palace and the Hue Jungle Crevice which is a sad monument which was used during wartime. You can also visit the imperial tombs and hot springs which are outside the city’s limits. Other locations include:

•    The Dong Ba Market: this is the biggest commercial center that can be seen in the province. This location is often busy and perfect for buying anything you need in your home.
•    Bach Ma National Park: it is located in the Annamite Mountains, it is a grassy area located in one of the western regions of the country.  It provides accommodation for forest and several waterfalls. You can also find several dilapidated French villas in this area. You can enjoy hiking in this area, and when you trek through the jungle,you’reguaranteed to see many new beautiful things.
•    Tu Dam Pagoda: This was built in the 17th century,and several expansionshaveoccurred to this temple over the years. One thing that has invited several people to this location is the Buddha’s birthday there several people who worship come to celebrate

6.    Hanoi, a day’s journey
There are several sights to see, explore and things to do in Hanoi. You can start your tour by checking the two most prominentmuseums located in Hanoi the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. These two locations invite several visitors including Vietnamese citizens. There are some other beautiful temples in this city that you can explore; one is the Temple of Literature which is more than 1000 years old. Another location to visit is the Ngoc Son Temple and the Bach Ma Temple.

•    Hoan Kiem Lake: It is also known as the lake of the returned sword, it makes the historical center of ancient Hanoi.
•    Hanoi’s old quarter: the old quarter houses the legendary old structures of Hanoi. It contains a mixture of ancient temples and French colonial architecture.
•    Hanoi’s west lake: this is one of the largest urban lake and a favorite location for tourists and resident of Hanoi. Wealthy ones in Hanoi build their home in this area; you can also find several hotels eateries and luxury shop in this area. It houses one of the sacred temples in Hanoi and even the oldest pagoda in the city.
Other locations include the Hanoi Hilton, the Ho Chi Minh presidential palace, the Thang Long Water puppet theatre, and the one Pillar Pagoda.

7.    Halong Bay, spend 2 nights
Having explored all the beauty in Hanoi, Halong Bay is the next beautiful stop to explore as you will temporarily be free from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It is one of the most popular and visited destination in Vietnam for those who are interested in seeking breath-taking scenes.

There are several islands which help provide a beautiful landscape, you can best explore this by having a night cruise. Night cruises are very comfortable as they include suitable accommodation, both local and foreign foods, drinks. You will also visit the iconic island that is in the bay like the Ban Sen and Cat Ba.

8.    Head back to Hanoi, spend two nights
Having explored all the locations discusses, many have found it beautiful to return to Hanoi to enjoy the last piece of the trip. You may visit the following areas upon arrival in Hanoi:

•    The Hoa Lo prison which is sometimes referred to as Hanoi Hilton.
•    The Army Museums and the Downed Aircraft Memorial.
There are several parks that you can also visit in Hanoi to enjoy the beautiful green life, you may visit:
•    Day trip to Ninh Binh or Duong Lam ancient village
•    Vivutravel cal also customise this 2 week Vietnam tour to cover other places such as Sapa, Mai Chau valley, etc.

You can also explore the city’s artistic culture by making time for the traditional puppet show which holds at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. You can also enjoy a live performance of the golden bell show.

Having visited all these areas, you can then plan to end your two weeks tour in Vietnam. You will at this time have explored almost all the beauties embedded in this great country. Ensure that you take enough pictures so as to help you preserve memories.

If you didn’t enjoy your stay in Vietnam, then there is probably no other place where you can tour for one week and enjoy. Give Vietnam a try during your next holiday and come toappreciate the beauties of the human’s environment.

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