How to spend three weeks in Vietnam

22, November, 2018

How to spend three weeks in Vietnam

It's very likely that you've read extensively on Vietnam as a country - the beauty, the immense experience, and the in-depth discoveries! Learning about the hustle and bustling might not be new, you are not a novice about the pretty old Town of Hoi An, talk of the skyscrapers of Saigon, the dreamy fairy stream of Mui Ne, and many more. However you are no longer satiate about the read, it's time to have a first-hand experience and all these combined rode the unapologetic conviction that a visit to Vietnam is indeed a must. And yes, you've booked in your next vacation. Okay, you haven't? But anticipating? Fine! Have an idea about what exactly you can do within a limited time of three weeks? I'll help you.

The beauty of traveling to an adventurous place like Vietnam is sure that you get the best out of your visit. That indeed should be a guarantee! In this article, our highlight will specifically be based on spending 3 Weeks in Vietnam, how exactly 3 Weeks tour in Vietnam would be like, an excellent Vietnam travel, what you should do when traveling in Vietnam and finally, how to perfect your tour in Vietnam. Let's begin with the first one.

Spending three weeks in Vietnam is not a little feat, it's a luxury! Within this specific time, what can you accomplish? And can you make the most out of the time you will be spending in this great country? Let us explore what three weeks in this great country will be like.  

Having flown in through the Tan Son Nhat international airport into the Ho Chi Minh City, your 3 weeks in Vietnam tour has then begin. There are several sights in this great city to visit that will make the beginning of the tour a memorable one.

Ho Chi Minh City is the former capital of Vietnam making it the best place to start your trip. The town is formerly known as Saigon and presently has become the economic center of Vietnam. Here are some places that you can visit in this country:

•    Start at the war remnant museum
The remnant museum was opened in the year 1975 and referred to previously as the exhibition house for the US. At this museum you will find equipment used during the Vietnam War, you will get to see tanks, plane, helicopter and other fighting machine used during the war. It promises to be a great sight.

•    The great Ben Thanh Market
This great market is filled with several large market stalls, in this market; you can get locally made handicrafts and cheap souvenirs. You can also enjoy local dishes in these locations.

•    The Binh Tay Market
This market was constructed by the French in the early 1880s, and it is located in the largest Chinatown district. It serves the local population especially from there you can get fruits, poultry meats and other seafood from other Vietnam location.

•    Bitexco Tower and sky deck
Bitexco tower is one of the ultra-modern office towers that can be seen in Ho Chi Minh City; it has an oval extension which can allow the helicopter to land on it.  The building is massively tall at the height of 262 meters, and it has 68 stories. It is, in fact, the highest in Vietnam. The sky view offers you a 360-degree view of Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. It also has a sky bar called Alto where you can enjoy a cocktail and tapas styled international dishes.

•    The reunification palace
This is the center where the North Vietnamese claimed their memorable victory in the old American war and a center of allied command. In this palace are secret rooms several great reception halls and the big hall used for conduction the war strategies by General Ngo Dinh Diem.

This is located in Ho Chi Minh City, but you cannot visit it as quickly as you would do with other locations if you want to really explore it well during your 3 weeks visit in Vietnam. Having examined the great Ho Chi Minh City, the next beautiful place to visit is the vast Cu Chi Tunnel. It is a massive network of several underground connections, and it is also located in Ho Minh city.

It was used extensively used by the Viet Cong soldiers during the war and serves as hiding spots during combat. Then it served as supply routes, weapon caches, hospital, etc. for several North Vietnamese soldiers. It is close to 250km (150 miles) and was dug both with bare hands and some simple tool in the year 1948.
It is now a war memorial park, and it presently has two tunnel sites, the Ben Dinh and the Ben Duoc.

This city is known for war and houses several beautiful beaches. You can easily explore this great city either by foot, bicycle or motorcycle. There are several locations to visit in this great city which includes:

•    Po Ngar Cham Tower
It is often referred to as the defining feature of Nha Trang. This tower dates back to the 8th and the early 11th century. It is situated on Mount Cu Lau. It is often crowded during the annual festival of Thap Ba.

•    Vinpearl Amusement park
Are you going to spend the 3 weeks in Vietnam with your family? If yes, you must visit this park. Your tour in Vietnam will only get interesting if you visit this location as it has a massive aquarium, beautiful water slides, wave pools, and shopping plaza. To explore this spot, you will pay a relatively small entry fee.

•    National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam
You can access beautiful exhibits of the local marine life of Vietnam here. It was established in 1922 and has served as the best spot for historian coming to visit Vietnam

One of the ancient towns of Vietnam, Hoi An has a beautiful architecture that makes it a site to visit during your 3 weeks tour in Vietnam. Here are some places to visit in these beautiful places:

•    Visit the beach
There are several beaches to visit in Hoi An which include the Bang beach, the Cau Dai. At the beach, you will get to enjoy local foods and drinks from Café and restaurants located in this town.

•    The night market
Have you ever enjoyed been to a night market? You can enjoy your first-night market experience in Hoi An. This market opens by 5:00 p.m. with more than 500 vendors carrying out their business in the market.

•    The Cantonese assembly hall
The Cantonese assembly hall also called Quang Trieu was constructed in the early 19th century. It has beautiful decorations which add to the reason why you should visit this assembly hall.

•    The Old Town
One of the most significant trading ports in Vietnam is the old town. This town dates back to the early 15th and late 19th century. You will need to get your traveling ticket to be able to explore this location.

Ha Long Bay is another right spot to visit in Vietnam. In this location you will get to enjoy a non-city life, it is an excellent spot to be free from the bustle and hustle of big cities. Ha long bay has been visited by many who comes to tour in Vietnam, and its great scene has always satisfied their hungry eye.

In Ha Long Bay, you will get to see several beautiful landscapes which you can explore by having night cruise. Night cruise are fascinating and comfortable; they have suitable and attractive foods and drinks, comfortable accommodation amongst others.

You can visit beautiful bay like the Ban Sen and the Cat Ba which most tourists in Vietnam have preferred as their best spots.

Sa Pa is another beautiful location to visit in Vietnam. Here are some sites that have over the years proved to be a perfect spot for tourist:

•    The Love waterfall
The waterfall which was often regarded to as the waterfall place where fairy came to have their bath and was later forbidden from visiting again after a fairy fell in love with a young boy. This location is a must visit for anyone planning to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam.

•    The silver fall
Another breathtaking sight is the silver waterfall. It has an approximately 100m height and requires a 20-minute climb to reach its top.

•    Sa Pa Lake
You can also take a stroll to the Sa Pa Lake and enjoy a breather there. Around this lake, you can enjoy beautiful food and drinks, and you can also enjoy a quiet time with your time in this fantastic lake.

•    Climb Fansipan
Are interested in climbing the highest mountain in Vietnam? Then Sa Pa is the best location for you. Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam at is has an elevation of 3,143m. Most travel guides trek in this location, however, you can enjoy a 2 to 3 days climb to enjoy the beauty of this mountain.
You have the opportunity to mingle with other trekkers who will make the trekking more exciting and entertaining. Ensure you don’t miss the rich experience of this mountain. For strong ones, you can complete this climb in 10 -12 hours.

•    Visit the Cat Cat village
You cannot stop trekking in Sa Pa as long as you are still on for excursion. Visit the cat cat village which is located on the mountain. This journey is less strenuous compared to other locations although you will need to climb several steps leading to this village.

You can also take motorbike when coming down from this steep area if you prefer that. The villagers are friendly making the location a nice place to visit and remember to take several pictures before making your way down from this village.

Your 3 weeks tour in Vietnam can then reasonably come to an end with your last trip to Hanoi. In Hanoi, there are several sights to visit which include:

•    The Imperial Citadel of Thong Long
This is one location where the Vietnam history is located. It stands 40m high and serves as the best location for tourist hoping to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam.

•    The Perfume Pagoda
This is a temple complex to have been built in the early 15th century. The journey to this location is a fantastic sight for several tourists in Vietnam.
You can also visit the Hoa Lo prison often referred to as Hanoi Hilton; you can also visit the Army Museums and the Downed Aircraft Memorial. You can also visit the parks that are located in Hanoi. An example is the Lenin statue, the Lenin park, etc.

Some traditional puppet shows are being held in Hanoi, and then Thang Long water Puppet theatre is the best location to visit as you get to enjoy the live performance of the golden show.  

Now that you've read extensively on Vietnam as a country where you can enjoy three weeks, you've seen the beauty, the immense experience, and the in-depth discoveries! You've gained insight on the hustle and bustling towns; you are no longer a novice about the pretty old Town of Hoi An, talk of the skyscrapers of Saigon, the dreamy fairy stream of Mui Ne, and many more.

I've also explicitly highlighted vacation based on spending 3 Weeks in Vietnam, how exactly 3 Weeks tour in Vietnam would be like, an excellent Vietnam travel, what you should do when traveling in Vietnam and finally, how to perfect your tour in Vietnam.

Yes, it's time to have the first-hand experience! So, book in your next vacation. This is the best time you can make use of your time because of the fascinating idea about what exactly you can do within a limited time of three weeks, you've been helped; so have fun!

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