How to spend one week in Vietnam

16, November, 2018

How to spend one week in Vietnam

Vietnam has become of the best place to spend your free time and holiday; the land is filled with different natural beauties and rich cultural history. Organizing your time to explore this beauty can be the primary cause for concern as there are more wonders to study in the space of one week. This article will help provide a guide which will make it easier for you to catch the full glimpse of the land and enjoy your time without missing anything important.

This article will provide locations where you can visit every day and how much you are likely to spend. We hope this one week in Vietnam travel guide will help you make the right choice and enjoy your time in Vietnam. Before setting off, it is often beneficial to check out the weather condition of the country and see if it will be the best time to travel or not, your health is essential, hence be careful about your choice.

Due to the changing price of the commodity, you will need to check out the amount of the variousproducts you will need there and how much their food costs before proceeding to journey to Vietnam. Ensure you have enough cash to enjoy the cities beauty. You may require the help of a tour guide to enjoy the beauty of Vietnam as they will give you the complete history of each site you visit.

To begin your journey, you will need a valid visa, this will help you gainentrance into Vietnam, and you can get a tourist visa upon arriving in Vietnam when you have an official approval letter. Getting one will make it easy for you to enjoy your tour around the country.

You must start each day’s tour very early if you will get to visit each city and sitesthoroughly. Otherwise, you will be left with little time to attend to all the beauties of the town. With all these set, you may then proceed to start your one week tour in Vietnam.

Having arrived in Ho Minh’s Tan Son Nhat airport, you can then take a taxi to the center of the city; this will take close to 25 minutes at a price not higher than $8. You can make use of either Mai Linh or Vinasun taxi, they are the best Vietnam travel agency,and other brands are not so trustworthy.  

Since Ho Minh City is divided into several districts, most of the city’s best accommodation can be seen in district 1. Pham Ngu Lao is one city’s major backpacker hotspot, and it contains a wide range of cheap hotel and guesthouse for those coming for tour in Vietnam.

After checking in your hotel, you are then set to explore the beauty of the city. It is often better if you wish to catch the full scene of the cities beauties to walk through it, this will offer you the privilege to take pictures and see things clearly. With a curbside plastic stool, you can enjoy with the local residents a cap he sua da.

You may then proceed to Nguyen Hue Ho Minh City walking the street and admire the architecture of the French colonial. Another striking sight in Vietnam is The Peoples Committee Building which is located at the top of the street. Do you love drinking? The roof of Rex is the right spot to stop.  

You may visit the reunification palace which is formerly the presidential palace for South Vietnam. In the castle are a variety of exhibit of the South Vietnamese government,and they are still as intact as it was in the late 1960s.

You can also stop at the remnant museum where equipment used for war is kept. You’ll get to see American planes, helicopter, tanks; other machinery used for war. You will also get to see many moving photo exhibits of how life in Vietnam was during the war.

You may then approach one of the motorbike or taxi in Ho Minh City and head to Ben Thanh Market. There you can view the highly filled market with several buyers and traders. You can buy anything needed from clothing to accessories, jewelry, and foodstuffsespecially the local recipe. You may needtograb a delicious bowl of Pho a traditional Vietnam dish for dinner. You may then head back to your hotel and spend your first beautiful night in peace.

vietnam tour in one week

It is best to start the day’s tour early, hence sleep well at night. To start the day’sexcursion, catch a shuttle van to your Saigon River speedboat. You can then expect to spend up to half an hour in this route that leads to the historic tunnel located in the outskirt of the city. The river is one of the greatest beauties in Vietnam, exploring it with a boat is the best option.

There are several tour guides that you can hook up with to make the tour easier and to offer the best explanation. You can learn more about the tunnel, its use, those who constructed it and the role it played during the war. If you don’t have Claustrophobic, you may then proceed to the secretive underground channel, you may go as little as 20 meters, and as much as 100 meters.  You may then proceed to the shooting range where you can experiment with an AK-47.

You will still need to take the same boat back to Saigon if you get back early; you can again catch up for an evening drink. To watch how the river meanders, you may head to the Majestic Hotel which is around Nguyen Hue. You may head to Hoa Tuc for dinner and enjoy the best contemporary Vietnamese in town. The day can then end,and you may head back to your hotel to rest.

cu chi tunnels family tour in vietnam

To enjoy a full day in Hanoi, you will need to leave Ho Chi Minh City early. Upon arrival, you may head to the old quarter and start exploring the beautiful culture of the city. To learn more about the past history of Hanoi, its countless merchants, artisans, and brick building, head to the active nest of narrow alleys.

You can then visit the Hoan Kiem Lake which is located in Hanoi’s historic centre which is not far off from the old quarter. Several large companies in Vietnam have found the lake to be the perfect site for their business. You can also visit the West Lake which is the largest lake in Hanoi. The lake is surrounded by several parks, hotels, and public area, and it also serves as a recreational centre for the residents of the beautiful city. From here, you can visit Ba Dinh which is the Hanoi’s political district; there you will find several government offices, museums and monuments of several kids.  

You may take the hidden passenger ways and have lunch at Highway 4. The English speaking staff will take a tour through Vietnam’s culinary history. After lunch, grab a Xe Om and head to Hoan Kiem Lake. You can then enjoy the afternoon lounging under the hundred years old trees and fade into the sound of the city. You may enjoy for dinner an authentic street side Vietnamese meal. You may then enjoy a bowl of Bun Bo Hue from any of the vendors nearby.

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Tam Coc which means 3 caves is one of the zones of Vietnam which is located between paddles of rice and the Ngo Dong River. It is also surrounded by the Karstic rock formations and caves filled with limestone.  This is one reason why the location is trendy and visited by most people.

As usual, you need to start the day early, you are set to begin the day in the most beautiful province of Vietnam, and you may then enjoy a two and anhalf hour ride which is well worth your time. You may then explore the 10th-century temple and bike across the open rice field and float down the Ngo Dong River into mysterious caves.

The towering limestone mountains which shoot up thousands of feet which enclose the Tam Coc in its own little world, this is another beautiful sight to explore in Vietnam.

ninh binh tour vietnam in one week

In your bag for the day’s trip, pack some towel, sunblock and take a private van to the location referred to as the most famous tourist attraction located in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay which is UNESCO Heritage site and it is made up of thousands of limestone’s mounts which stick outs from the sea East Sea.

There are several cruises that leave throughout the week from Ha Long City, hostel and hotels. They often have special deals so you can check with your front desk before going out.

Once you are ready to sail, pick a favorable seat and watch the beautiful structure of the rock and watch as the journey flows. You may enjoy diving into the incredible blue lagoons through the kayak cliff especially when on a two-day cruise.

It is worthy to note that due to the Halong Bay’s popularity, the area can be really crowded; hence it is best to choose the best cruise which is comfortable and not so expensive. Your wallet will undoubtedly play asignificant role in your selection; you may also pass through the well-trodden areas which will provide you with a beautiful view of your surroundings.

The time you have to tour will also play a significant role in the mode of transportation you will be using. Make sure you embark on the trip early as this will help you get back to your destination in time to catch up with the remaining journey.

halong cruise vietnam in one week

By this time, you must have explored the pleasing sights of the city, and you must have enjoyed several indigenous meals that the local take. Hence head back to Hanoi with either a bus or a van to catch your flight. You may also explore the temple of literature before leaving and check out the Ho Chi Minh City’s Mausoleum.

Having spent 1 week in Vietnam, you will have seen several sights that will last long in your memory. Vietnam is the best place to enjoy your holiday and work break. Make sure you get the best sight and ensure that your money value is acquired.

Take as many pictures as possible, this will help you keep enough memory that you can show to others about your one week tour in Vietnam. Trust me, the best tourist experience you need can only be achieved in Vietnam just in one week.

Note: This tour can start in Hanoi, end in Ho Chi Minh City and customise to meet your needs.

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