Tour to Vietnam: How to Make the Most of Your Visit

29, November, 2018

Tour to Vietnam: How to Make the Most of Your Visit

Vietnam has become the home for most tourist, thousands of people from several continents fly into the Asian country to explore the beauty of Vietnam. The city is known for accommodating several visitors yearly,and its rich food and weather makes it a perfect stop for anyone going on Vietnam tour.

Do you have any plan to make your next tour the best tour you’ve had? Is Vietnam your next stop? If yes, this article will help in providing things you need to do to make you make most of your visit to Vietnam.   

Vietnam is one of the major countries in South Asia, the country is rich in history,and their culture is one beauty to admire. From the beautiful mountains to the long tunnels, to the amazing foods and the loving people of Vietnam, there are several things to visit in Vietnam.

Before proceeding to mention places where you can visit Vietnam, there are important things that you must do that will make the tour a success, they include:

Tips to enjoy your tour in Vietnam

•    Be prepared for all seasons
The weather condition is largely predictable, but one fact is that few surprises can spring up. Hence it will only be reasonable on your part if you can prepare well for any weather you will meet in Vietnam. Since you will be visiting several locations in Vietnam, you need to be ready for several weather conditions.

In southern Vietnam, you will likely experience severe heat and burn under the hot sun. some other locations are warm especially places like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang,etc. on the other hand; the northern Vietnam locations can be chilly and rainy. So if you will enjoy your tour in Vietnam, make sure you are entirely prepared for the seasons you will meet.

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•    Get a camera before going
Keeping memories about your trip will make it more interesting. Yes! You can use your phone to snap several locations, but making use of a quality digital camera will help you get a more unobstructed view and will ensure that you save your battery for other important things.

•    Go with cash, don’t rely on ATM
One other thing to do to enjoy your tour in Vietnam is going with cash instead of relying on the ATM machine. There are several locations, markets; store,etc. that does not accept credit card, one other problem is that ATM operators charge exorbitant fees for tourist using ATM in Vietnam.

There is also a set limit on how much you can withdraw with your credit card in Vietnam. All these can become a severe problem and restrict or reduce the effectiveness of your tour in Vietnam, owing to this fact, you should ensure that you have your money on hand other than depending on ATM. Read our: Money Guide To Vietnam

•    Prepare for Night Trips
Yes, geographically Vietnam is a very narrow and a long country. If you aretraveling through the length of the country, you must be prepared for night trips on buses and trains. You will also need to endure some long trip hence be prepared.

•    Search for efficient tour guides
So you are prepared for the trip, one other thing to do is search for a tour guide in every location you will be visiting. Since there are several histories that will help you understand every site you visit in Vietnam, a perfect tour guide will help ease the burden of helping you understand restrictions, dangers, and the area you can easily visit.

With this tips in place, you can then proceed to plan your beautiful trip to Vietnam. But there are a few things you should be wary of if your trip will become a massive success in Vietnam, they include:

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•    Be wary of fake Taxis
You won’t want to end in the hands of shady taxis in Vietnam; hence you must be careful before boarding any taxi. To enjoy your travel in Vietnam, you can either make use of Mai Linh or Vinasun; they are the two most reliable taxis in Vietnam.

•    Money switch
This could actuallybe avoided if you are making use of a reputable travel agency in Vietnam. Pay your transport fares with smaller bills this will prevent motorbikes and taxi drivers from switching your bills to a smaller amount. Break large bills at several convenient stores or at reputable business settings.

•    Baggage fee
When you travel in Vietnam, you need to be wary of those drivers that charge you baggage fees. There is no such thing in Vietnam. As a foreigner, this is the only way to easily extort you, stand your grand and tell them you shouldn’t be charged for that.

•    Wandering fare
When you travel to Vietnam, some drivers might take advantage of the fact that you don’t know the location well to extort you. They will take you around the city and pretend the journey is far. To avoid this, make sure you have your map open on your phone, and act as if you know the exact location.

All these information will help you get the most out of your tour in Vietnam. Having known things to avoid and plans to make, the next thing to discuss is where you can visit in Vietnam?

Places to Visit in Vietnam to Make the Trip Fun-Filled
Vietnam has often been regarded as the “Gateway to Southeast Asia,” there are several places to visit in this great country, here are some of them:

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Do you love visiting cities? If yes, Ho Chi Minh City is the first stop for you. It is one of the biggest commercial cities in Vietnam,and as you would expect of a city, it is always buzzing. There are several beautiful sights to behold during your tour to Vietnam. You may visit one of the following places in Ho Chi Minh City:

•    The war remnant museum: This museum was open in the year 1975,and it houses equipment’s that were used during the great Vietnam War.

•    The great markets: Visiting the greatmarkets in this city is a lifetime experience. You may visit markets like the Binh Tay market and the Ben Thanh market. You will get everything you need in Vietnam in this market starting from foods, clothing’s, house equipment,etc.

•    The tall towers: One tower to visit in Ho Chi Minh City during your tour to Vietnam is the Bitexco tower which is 262 meters tall and has 68 stories; it is the highest you will find in Vietnam. From this tower, you can quickly have a quick preview of the city and surrounding towns.

•    The reunification palace: You can also enjoy touring the reunification palace where the North Vietnamese claimed their victory. The palace has several great reception halls and other big halls where war strategies were conducted during the war.

Another top spot to visit in Ho Chi Minh City as is one pot many prefer to visit. This location has a massive history,and it might take several days to explore this tunnel. It is a collection of several underground connections.

This tunnel was used by soldiers during the war as a hideout,and it serves as their home, hospital, weapon cache. The tunnel is close to 250km approximately 150 miles. This tunnel was dug with the aid of small tools and bare hands. As of present, the tunnel has become a war memorial park with its two tunnels, the Ben Dinh and the Ben Duoc.

To enjoy your tour in Vietnam, Sa Pa is another good stop for you. There are several spots to enjoy yourself in this city here are some of them:

•    The Sa Pa Lake: you can enjoy several beautiful foods and drinks in this location. You get to enjoy the cool breeze and your time in the lake promises to be interesting.

•    The waterfall: the love waterfall and the silver fall are two of the magnificent waterfall you will find in Sa Pa. It is a sight to behold and trust me you won’t regret visiting this spot.

•    The Fansipan Mountain: if you love climbing hills and mountains, spending a few days climbing Fansipan promises to be the real deal for you. It is the highest mountain you will find in Vietnam, it stands at 3,143 meters and can take up to 12 hours to climb it, and some might spend 2-3 days before they can complete the climb.

•    The Cat Cat village: there are several places to trek to in Sa Pa one of it is the Sa Pa village. This village is situated on a tall mountain. The inhabitants are friendly and fun to be with. Tour their village to get a feel of what village life feels like.

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One other top spot to pass the time and enjoy your tour in Vietnam is a visit to Ha Long Bay; it is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. If you are not a city type, you will enjoy passing the time in this serene location. Many tourists in Vietnam often visit this location as it satisfies their hungry eye.

The beautiful landscapes of Ha Long Bay are a wonder to behold. You can enjoy the night cruise on this location which is also one amazing thing about this bay. You will get to see both the local and foreign food in this location; it’s a must visit for you.

You can also access several caves in this Bay,e.g., Hang Sung Sot, Hand Dao Go,etc. You will get to see enormous caverns and weird stalactites and stalagmites in this cave.

One ancient town to visit in Vietnam is Hoi An, its beautiful architecture and landscape make it a site to visit. During your tour in Vietnam, visit the following places:

•    The Beach: You cannot explore totally the beach that is present in Hoi An. You can choose to visit Bang Beach, Cau Dai,etc. you will enjoy the local foods and drinks of Vietnam on the beach.  

•    The night market: Visiting the night market is another good option for you. This market opens as early as 5:00 pm and several market persons are seen in the market early to carry out their business.

•     The Cantonese Assembly Hall: Built in the early 19th century, the assembly hall is one of the oldest in Vietnam, paying a visit to this building is an experience not to miss.
Nha Trang

Visiting Nha Trang is also an experience not to miss. It is one town known mostly for war and its beautiful beaches. Tourist can either go on foot or using bikes. You may visit one of the following locations:

•    Po Ngar Cham Tower: The tower was built in the early 8th century. The tower is situated on Mount Cu Lau and used for several festivals like the Thap Ba.

•    Vinpearl Amusement park: This is the best park for you and your family to enjoy your tour in Vietnam.  The park has a massive aquarium coupled with other beauties like a water slide, wave pools,and super modern shopping plaza.

•    The National Oceanographic Museum: There are several museums in Vietnam, but the National Oceanographic museum is distinct. It contains exhibits of local marine life of the country. This museum was established in the early 1922 and historian has found it to be the perfect spot to enjoy.

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These are just a few places that you can visit in Vietnam during your tour of this great country.  No matter the number of days or weeks you will be spending, you can never exhaust the beauties in this great country.

Now you can startto pack your bags having known the things to look out for, the things to be wary of and things to avoid. If everything is doneperfectly, your trip from Ho Chi Minh City to the great tunnel, to Sa Pa and to the distant part of Vietnam will become a huge success and a tour to remember.