Vietnam's Worst And Best

28, December, 2018

Vietnam's Worst And Best

I'm not going to be a soothsayer here; I've never been! Okay, I meant to say, all I've been writing about Vietnam are true, but this time, that I'll be specific about the worst, none of it should turn you off. If you are thinking of a place you can travel to and be smart, think Vietnam if you are thinking of a country you must read reviews about to have an excellent stay, think Vietnam.

Let me ask you since you've been reading about Vietnam, have you ever read anything negative? Oh! You thought there exist none, because you've been reading the magnificent wonders embedded in the country, rich history, the landscape, Waterfalls, and so much more to talk about.

Well, in the real sense Vietnam is an excellent place to travel to. However, you should not be too comfortable with remarkable traits and not think about the worst!

This article will feature the best and worsts in Vietnam travel, when you nurture the desire to travel in Vietnam the worst and best to watch over, and the best and worst in Vietnam tour. This a trip you'll never regret.

Vietnam Travel
Highly regarded as a frequent destination for travelers and tourists, it all depends on its attractiveness and beauty. Like I told you earlier, there are a few bad things that can interfere with your Vietnam travel. I'm set to put you in the know; then we'll explain what you can do.

1. Fraud.
This happens with tour industries, stores, and restaurants. Take, for instance, there is an agent called "The Sinh Tourist" in Vietnam, there is just one real Sinh Tourist, but there are about hundreds of fake ones. What they do is to send tourists to another place for touring and gather commission. In a phony tour, you can't experience the real value, and the difference is usually crystal clear.

How do you avoid this?
•    Be sure that you are using the official tour website. Several fake sites claim genuineness, yet, they are scammers. So be vigilant.

•    Ensure that you visit the correct address. You can use the information from the right website to navigate into the real tour location.

•    Book tours with a trusted site. A site like Vivutravel is known for the excellent arrangement of tours, gives mouthwatering discounts and ensure your visit meets what you've seen on their website. Read our How to Avoid Scams and Tourist Traps in Vietnam.

vivutravel trusted vietnam tour operator

2. Stolen Luggage at The Airport.
Another aspect to be wary about in your Vietnam travel is the issue of stolen luggage at the airport. It might meet you as a surprise that upon arrival your luggage might be opened or taken. Vietnam isn't the only country with this record, others too.

The security officials are tirelessly working to curb and address this issue swiftly. Nonetheless, we should learn some care tips too. Isn't it?

Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe.
•    Do not put valuable items in your checked luggage. You might be compensated if stolen actually, but the compensation doesn't worth your useful items.

•    Wrap valuable items multiples times. The turnoff of this is that you will have to unwrap if there's going to be a need for a check.

•    Another excellent way to protect your valuables is by keeping valuable items inside your handbag. That's pretty safe, and I can assure you of a smooth trip.

3. Traffic Accident.
In Vietnam alone, the record has it that about 21, 000 accidents happened in 2016 claiming almost 9000 lives. So too real it down, on a daily basis, there are about 25 persons that die every day as a result of traffic accidents.

Remember, traffic accident can happen anywhere, and yes, in some countries the figures are extremely high when compared to that of Vietnam. Sadly though, most accidents that occurred might be as a result of negligence and not taking to traffic safety rules.

In that light, what can be done?
•    When traveling, use buses. It's safer when bigger buses are used. Buses have accidents too, but it's always lower compared to bikes and cars.

•    It's safer to use taxis, but you sure must be rich. Notwithstanding, if it guarantees safety and it's within your reach while not keep your life safe?

•    Walking. Yes, walking can be dangerous, but yet, it can still be safer. Just be sure that when walking the street, keep to your left. It doesn't get better than that.

And as a reminder, buy travel insurance in advance when planning a trip to Vietnam, it safes.

4. Robbery Act.
Think this doesn't happen? It a lie. It occurs almost (not all) place in Vietnam. Robbery of phones and bags are the leading reports of robbery attacks.

The set up is usually that two guys riding on a high-speed motorcycle will hijack your phones or your bag from you without you noticing. Some foreigners (tourists or travelers) have fallen into this trap, and sadly, no effort was put in place to recover what was stolen from them; It's terrible!

What you can do.
•    Don't play music with your phone when on the street. When walking if you must use it, go to a secluded area and use.

•    A cross arm bag is the best bet. As it can't be easily removed from you without you knowing. When there is no need to bring your documents outside, keep them right in your accommodation.

•    Always keep to your left when walking the street so you can see oncoming vehicles or motorcycles. Also, travel Insurance is indeed a must.

5. Food Safety.
It's undeniable that Vietnam food is delicious. If you've been there once, you can attest to that, if you are new, you can find that surprising. Not to worry, you shouldn't. Vietnam is one of the countries with the best culinary and cuisine. It's irresistible and delicious.

But, when you stop and have a bite from the street food sellers, you might do that at very high risk. One, it might not have been prepared in a sanitary condition. So as a matter of fact, the food might not be clean and healthy. Read more: Vietnamese food and drink

What you can do.
•    Let's face it some restaurants offer immense comfort and clean environment. How to know? From the appearance! They look neat and have plenty of customers inside them.

•    If you have a symptom of diarrhea or problem with your stomach, get over the counter pills, and you will be fine.

Now that we've talked about the bad at Vietnam, most especially matters concerning Vietnam travel, let's highlight a few keys key things about travel in Vietnam, the right side.

vietnam food

Travel in Vietnam
For easy comprehension and simplicity, I'll speak about five amazing things, the best in Vietnam.

1. It's Highly Cheap. Just mention it, anything you purchase at Vietnam can be bargained. One of them is food. The street food snacks can be gotten for less than $0.20, and a sit-down meal can be lesser than $5. That's what you have!

Many backpackers are surviving on a budget of $30 - it includes meals, accommodation, and transport. Amazing huh? Definitely. The shopping malls offer you amazing haggling opportunities; your discount is a product of your negotiation skill. Things to bargain include belt, clothing, sportswear, electronics, cell phones, gadget accessories, and souvenirs.

2. The WiFi is Amazing. Internet Connection in Vietnam is high-speed if it's not even surprising! You can find wifi everywhere in Vietnam. Most streets vendors have it too, and you can get up to 100 Mbps in some shops.

To stay connected all through your stay, get a local Sim card. There are great options available for a small fee.

3. If you are a Foodie. Your stay in Vietnam is considered a paradise. Vietnamese food lines between sweet, sour and salty. And it holds history for a very long time. The chili peppers and the savor of tamarind can drive a foodie crazy and fulfilled.

Experience from some tourists reveal that the higher percentage of their memorable event was the food, don't think they are glutton though, you'll know better when you are there. It's indeed an exceptional cuisine. So the best is trying it out yourself.

There are so many cuisines you should try out. Some of them include Pho, the Vietnamese national dish, Bun Cha, Goi Cuon, Cha Ca, and Cha Gio. They are incredibly impressive and memorable experience

4. Hanoi Is More Beautiful Than They Appear. There's more to explore in  Hanoi. Several pictures of Hanoi would impress travelers, but truth be told you have to be there first, then you can experience real beauty.

The artistic, creative and traditional side of Vietnam is seen in this city. And irrespective of the crazy traffic, the delightful experience overshadows it. The presence of Museums, temples, pagoda have an authentic look at the tourist centers in the country. It also has a village vibe that is not available in the southern part of Vietnam.

There is a fantastic maze of the street of the old quarters. You watch people, see fantastic handicraft in great food. The area depicts a time when people were dedicated to each time- silver, chicken and the likes. Yeah, you can't escape the pleasure of having a bowl of the national dish pho.

5. Halong Bay Cruise Is a Must Visit. There are so many numbers of boats navigating this vast and fantastic destination. I won't be wrong to call it new seven wonders of the world. Irrespective of the crowd, enormous crowd, Halong Bay is unique. Thinking about the magical landscape of Waterfall coming from the water, which the best way to enjoy it is from the sea. You can decide the number of days you'd want to spend enjoying this, a day, two or even three. Your budget speaks for you.

The real deal, Halong Bay cruise is indeed a wonderful experience. If your budget can afford your extensive tour, go for top-notch activities and enjoy several plates of delicacies, ride on and do.

Are these points not excellent indeed? Feels like booking a tour right away? Hold on! One more aspect and we are done. Let's talk about Vietnam tour - the best and the worst, what to expect.

halong bay cruise tour

Vietnam Tour.
It's crucial you do your homework when you have to choose your tour agent.  I can't stress how vital it is. What are the norms and what you can do regarding your Vietnam tour?

1. Be Diligent About Your Itinerary. Don't force everything on your Vietnam travel. Don't push yourself to take flights, with haste, jumping from one place to another.

Remember, Vietnam is split into three north, south, and Central. So, to get the very best in your Vietnam tour, at least spend each week in these regions.

So, when contacting your travel agent like Vivutravel, be sure you speak your concern about your itinerary and what you intend to accomplish, they might even have a better suggestion for you.

2. How to Get Around. While it's through that, there are several transport opportunities in a Vietnam Tour. You should understand how each of them is being operated.

For short distances, you are opened to using motorbikes, though unofficial. Locals eat, sleep and carry so many items in this means of transportation. Also, there are plenty of motorbike taxis locally called, Xe-om. They can take you anywhere you like and want. There are taxis too, but Uber is more preferable.

For Long Distances, buses are available. They can be used in navigating locations and destinations. Industries have many busses that operate overnight with beds and free WiFi access. You can use trains too, but it could be dirty and unclean. And yes you can take flights from one location to another. They cut travel times and sadly, not the most genuine way of enjoying your stay in  Vietnam at all. They are not all expensive. There are internal flights at low prices.

There you go! You've seen that you can have an excellent Vietnam travel, Vietnam tour while you travel in Vietnam regardless of these negative traits it has. Like I've analyzed, be careful and take to the precautionary motive. Enjoy your stay in Vietnam!