British Vietnam Tour: A taste of Vietnam from the United Kingdom

07, January, 2019

British Vietnam Tour: A taste of Vietnam from the United Kingdom

Vietnam has been the home for several tourists over the year. People from different countries have flown into this country to explore the rich beauty installed in this location. Not one has left disappointed about the sight they saw while in this location. This is one reason why many keep streaming to Vietnam to explore it year in year out.

Are you a resident of the United Kingdom? Are you planning to go on a First-class world tour? If you answer yes to one, or any of those questions, then this post is specifically meant for you. Vietnam is rich in history and other beautiful sights that are meant to make your tour unique and interesting. (If you do not know much about Vietnam, just read our "Tips to travel from the UK to Vietnam")

Vietnam over the year has attracted many British visitors to its beautiful sights. You may be wondering why many British residents have preferred travelling to Vietnam, the answer is not far-fetched, it boils down to the fact that they are satisfied with what they see when they are on tour. Trust me, giveit a try, it promises to make you happy and satisfy your hungry eye.

A brief look at Vietnam
Vietnam is presently the 15th most populous country in the world, in its continent Asia, it is ranked as the 9th most populous country with more than 94 million individuals. Several great warshave been fought in Vietnam making it the best location for tourist who is interested in knowing more about war and history.

Surrounding Vietnam are great countries like China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Each year many people fly into Vietnam to have a taste of what life in this country feels like. The weather condition varies, hence every tourist must be well prepared for any condition they meet on arrival.

How to travel to Vietnam from the United Kingdom
Traveling is best enjoyed when it is fast and comfortable, the distance between Vietnam and UK is far,approximately more than 10,000 km. Hence this route is best traveled using Airplane. You can board flights from the major cities in the UK like London, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham; there you will find several first-class Airplane services that will make the trip more interesting for you.

Those planes will drop you at the major cities in Vietnam like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and many more, but they deliver mostly to the two biggest and major city in Vietnam. Beautiful enough you can take a direct flight from London Heathrow to Hanoi easily. They often kickstart activities as early as 11 A.M when traveling to Hanoi on specified days like Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. When also traveling to Ho Chi Minh City from London Heathrow, the departing time is 11 A.M on Mondays, Wednesdays, and

Saturdays when flying with the Vietnam Airlines.
The Airfares often depend on the season, the highest often falls within July and August, during festive seasons like Christmas, New year holidays, and also around Lunar years. While at the other periods of the year, the fares drop significantly especially months like May, July, and from mid-August to mid-October. They often offer severalspecial promotions for their customers making it possible to make use of their service.

Getting Vietnam Visa for British citizens
Visa offered to British citizens going on tour to Vietnam can last for as long as 15 days maximum, this often includes the dates of entry and exit. If you are planning to spend up to 30 days on your Vietnam tour, you can apply for their e-visa which has some limitations for entry and exit points that can be selected when applying for the visa. It is often beneficial when you don’t have fixed travel plans to apply for a regular single-entry visa from the closest Vietnamese Embassy; this offers you more flexibility on your travel.

You will be required to obtain a visa from the Vietnamese embassy before traveling to Vietnam if you are planning to spend more than 30 days on tour.  Read our: Vietnam visa guide.

Time to Plan your tour to Vietnam
Having done the first highlighted few points, it is now time to schedule your tour starting and endpoint. You may choose to spend days or weeks when on tour to Vietnam.

vietnam tour from the UK

•    Start your Tour in Hanoi
Many have enjoyed starting their tour in the Vietnam capital, Hanoi. It is located on the banks of the Red River in the North. Hanoi is one of the most ancient cities of Vietnam and also one of the most ancient capital in the world where tourist can find the colonial building, unique museums, and ancient Pagoda that are well preserved.

If you are interested in exploring the mountainous regions of Vietnam, entering Vietnam via Hanoi is the best option for you. While it also offers you entry to Sapa, Dien Bien Phu,and many smaller cities.Entering via Hanoi opens you to several beautiful parks, traditional villages,and the iconic Halong Bay.

Starting your Vietnam tour in Hanoi affords you the opportunity to get detailed information about the city, its life, democratic and other activities. If you will be spending a week in Vietnam, entering from Hanoi will afford you the opportunity to discover more about the Northern Vietnam world and a quick glimpse at the whole of Vietnam. The major tourist attractions in Vietnam are located in cities like Hanoi, Sapa, Saigon, Halong Bay, and other locations in Vietnam, entering via Hanoi offers you the opportunity to explore them all easily.

Beautiful enough, it is left to you to decide the type of tour you will be engaging in, either its to get more informed about their culture or you’re interested in history tour, adventure tour or culinary tour. You have several options to choose from. As long as you enter via Hanoi, you can access the whole of Vietnam easily. Many though have also enjoyed ending their tour in Hanoi, and the reason will soon be discussed.

beautiful vietnam tour

•    Start your Tour in Ho Chi Minh City
Almost all tourist coming to Vietnam prefer starting their tour in one of the biggest and historic city Ho Chi Minh also referred to as Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City is arguably one of the most populated and modern cities in Vietnam. It houses one of the greatest skyscrapers in Vietnam, best style Pagodas, and food stalls that offer the best indigenous dish in Vietnam for all tourist.

The surrounding area of Ho Chi Minh City have more than enough to offer all tourist, and even without a top-notch itinerary, you might spend the whole of your break touring Ho Chi Minh City and its surrounding cities and villages.  You can start exploring this city on foot and explore locations like the reunification palace, the popular Than market and the floating market which is obviously the largest in the world.

There are some iconic locations that you can choose to explore in Ho Chi Minh City that promise to wow you, one of such location is the Cu Chi tunnel that offers you quality history about the Vietnam historical war, tools and other equipment used, you can also easily explore the romantic and special sunset that cruises across the Saigon River.

Driving a few hours from this city opens you to several beaches, islands, rivers, villages, jungles, and other historic sites. No matter the length of your tour in Vietnam, starting from Ho Chi Minh City will give you the opportunity to explore well based on your needs and budgets. Spending a few days in Saigon before proceeding to other cities is often the best option for you.

If you have more time to spend for your tour, you can create a flexible itinerary that will afford you the opportunity to catch a better glimpse of the city as a whole. No matter the starting spot of your tour, Vietnam promises to be the best option for you.

vietnam tour at cu chi tunnel

Every British citizen planning to travel down to Vietnam for the tour can be sure that they stand to catch the best experience possible. No matter the entry or exitpoint you choose, you can easily get a clean look at the city of Vietnam. Compared to other countries, British tourist tends to enjoy a less expensive life when they are on tour to Vietnam.
Having read more about how British citizens can enjoy their tour in Vietnam, the type of visa available, the best spots to start your tour and many more, I believe that you are no longer a novice about the historic city of Vietnam. Try as much as possible to develop the best itinerary before proceeding to enter Vietnam. Definitely, you will enjoy your stay in this country.

Humans have limited time. Hence this is the best time to start preparing to tour this city, your holidays, breaks, and free time can be spent learning few new things that will increase your knowledge of the Vietnam history and culture, it will definitely prove useful someday.