Tips to travel from the UK to Vietnam

08, January, 2019

Tips to travel from the UK to Vietnam

Virtually all human enjoys exploring new locations. That you are reading this post shows that you also enjoy exploring new worlds, sights, and locations. It is an inbuilt urge that we can only satisfy when we pick our bags and dash out to the unseen worlds. Yes, touring satisfies our hungry eye and mind.

Yearly, several British residents journey down to Vietnam to explore their little but mightily historic world. The sights to catch are boundless and no matter your choice, Vietnam has enough resources to wow and interest you with. The historical sites, the rich culture, and other factors will make your tour the best.

2019 is here; you are probably making plans for the trips and tour you will be engaging In. As a British resident, Vietnam is the best stop for you this year. But before proceeding to park your bags and fly off to this country, there are several important points you should know. This article will be discussing the essential travel gears for your British Vietnam tour. We do hope this post will help you prepare well and assist you in enjoying your holiday and trip fully.

•    Preparation starts with your application for Vietnam visa
The first thing to ponder on when building the plan for your 2020 Vietnam travel is the application for Vietnam visa. The Vietnamese embassy is available in top cities in the UK; you can visit one of the embassies to make inquiries or order for your tickets outrightly. If you also reside in Britain, you can buy Vietnamese visa online and make plans to collect it upon arrival at the airport. You can only start to make other reasonable preparations when all details pertaining tovisa has been sorted out.

The type of visa you will be buying depends on the length of your stay on tour. You may order for those that will last you for a week or months. Visiting the embassy in person will offer you the opportunity not to make purchase alone, but to also make other essential inquiries that will assist you in making the best preparation for your tour. Read more: Vietnam visa guide for UK passport holders

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•    Plan Your Travel Budgets
More than anything, it is important for you to have a rough estimate of how much you are likely going to spend on tour to Vietnam. You may need to consider areas you will likely visit and how much is expected to transport you for the whole trip. Thanks to the rich internet, you can check how much the flight cost and how much their hotel services cost. You can also check for the price of trains and buses in their major cities to get a preview at how much you will likely spend.

You may visit several travel blogs about Vietnam like for details about one week, two weeks or more itinerary for Vietnam travel. This will also assist you in drawing an active budget that will if not accurate move close to giving you a rough estimate of what you will be spending.

Having collected your vvisa and drawn your budgets which are both very important, you are still not set for your British 2019 Vietnam travel; there are some essential this you must pack and hold for the tour to become a success. The following few lines will be doing justice to that.

•    A good digital camera
Your 2020 Vietnam tour will only be more interesting both during and after if you have a quality camera to capture every moment. You may not have the opportunity to come back to visit either immediately or forever, hence whatever sight it is that you miss, that may be the end. Hence make sure you include your portable digital camera or whatever size you have into your travel box.

Some consider making use of their mobile phone, but considering the battery, the stress of charging, and many other important factors shows that a dedicated camera for the trip is the perfect combo needed to perfect your 2020 Vietnam Tour.

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•    Park various clothing and footwear for your tour
Weather is meant to change without jingling the bell, so you cannot expect to have complete authority over what the weather condition will turn out to be in Vietnam. Even the best research before leaving home about the expected weather condition might eventually bring false result. I am not saying you can’t know the weather condition you will be experiencing in Vietnam, but what if all those fail to work. Having the right cloth will serve you right.

It is also significant to note that you will be exploring several regions during your tour, and there is no way all the regions will have the same weather conditions. Hence it is best if you pack varieties of clothes for the different regions you will be visiting. Activities to engage in also differs from location to location, andthis also requires that you hold cloth for all the activities you will be engaging in.

Here are suggestions about the appropriate cloth that you can park while preparing for your 2019 Vietnam tour;

o    Vest/singlets or tops. T-shirt and blouses for women are important.
o    You may carry your Hat and Sunglasses
o    Carry enough breathable cotton shirts, skirts, and shorts.
o    Swimwear, kaftan, and other appropriate gear for the beach and swimming pool.
o    You may also consider carrying flowing cotton skirts and cotton dresses

Footwear is also important for your trip, no matter the location you will be going to, you will need to put something on your foot for protection and to complement your dress. So, make sure all footwear to be packed for your trip are comfortable to wear and probably flat. You will spend most of the times trekking, without proper footwear, you will not enjoy the trip well. A pair of sneaker or sandal is nice options.

More importantly, ensure you carry light jumper, cardigan or scarf to cover your shoulder or your entire body when the temperature starts to grow chilly and freezing.

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•    Charging Station
Most of your time in Vietnam during your tour will b pent on the go, like many other cities in the world, Vietnam offers you no charge as you go services. So, ensure you carry your Power banks and power boards with you when traveling to Vietnam. This will assist you in staying online for as long as you are out in the street. Even if you forget to bring from your home, you can easily buy upon landing in Vietnam. That is the best way to keep your camera and phone active at all times.

•    First Aid Kits
Before continuing on your British Vietnam Tour, you must ensure that you stock your first aid box with the needed medications. Are you allergic to substances, weather conditions or anything? It is essential to pack suppressants that will relieve you of the effects. You may also carry conventional medications like Paracetamol, ibuprofen for headaches and injury. Hand sanitizer is a must for your first aid kit, while you can also park other medications that you use occasionally. Park them in a way that they will fit well into your backpacks as this will make it possible to carry them along wherever you go.

•    Daypacks for your daily needs
Since you will be spending the largest part of your time on the road, it is very important that you get daypacks that will be convenient for carrying all the resources needed for each day. It should not be excessively big, but it should be able to contain your phones, a camera, a few clothes, and your first aid box.

•    Travel with eco-friendly bags
 When preparing for your trips, ensure you go with eco-friendly bags that are convenient for packing your soap, sponge, tissues, and many more. They can also be useful for several other purposes, ensure they are with you at all times.

•    Order for Vietnam SIM Card
This is 2019, gone are the day when you are comfortable traveling without the internet or telephone services; you will not want to make your trip in the same pattern this year. Before stepping out of London, ensure you get and activate your Vietnam sim which can be bought online or at selected stores. You can easily pick them sim up at the Airport before journeying down to Vietnam.

•    Vietnam Local Currency
Having packed everything needed for your tour, one next thing to think about is the money you will be spending there. For the first few days of landing Vietnam local currency will be needed to sort out bills and pay for services. You may them result to withdrawing from ATM machine located across Vietnam major cities after getting familiar with the city.For safety purpose, you may consider informing your bank of your trip to avoid restricting usage of your account and cards.

With all these included in your Vietnam travel bags, you can be confident that you will enjoy your stay and the beautiful country of Vietnam without anything hindering your fun.

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