British Vietnam Vacation: The Perfect Travel Itinerary

28, February, 2019

British Vietnam Vacation: The Perfect Travel Itinerary

It is often said that plans fail when there is no consultation, this is especially true when you are planning to go on tour in a new location. Over the years, many Britishresidents have journeyed down to Vietnam to explore the magnanimous beauty in this location. Without hitting their expectations, they will never have referred others to go; neither will we be telling you about this country.

In this article, we will be delivering the perfect itinerary to travel from the UK to Vietnam. An Itinerary is a guidebook that can be used during your tour to help you catch sight of the important location in Vietnam. Experience is often called the best teacher, and that is why we are the best hand to give you the guide that will help you enjoy your Vietnam vacation.

This itinerary will provide the best starting spot where many over the years haveenjoyed, and it will also make the journey more comfortable with the unique and beautiful arrangement of the route. You will be left to decide the number of days to use as this will afford you the opportunity to several sights in the location.

Kickstart Your Tourin Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
The former capital city of Vietnam is the perfect spot to start your British Vietnam tour. Formerly referred to as Saigon, this city contains the best sight to welcome you to Vietnam. The city is filled with motorbikes in thousands, trust me they can take you to wherever you want.

There are several places to touch in Ho Chi Minh city, that is the essence of this guide, to make the tour easier. Of all the locations, the must visit in this city includes:

•    War Remnant Museum: Museum is for historic preservations and the remnant museum opened in 1975 was the former exhibition house for the US. Machines and war tools are stashed up in this museum.

•    Independence Palace: The independence palace also referred to as the unification palace was Designed by Ngo Viet Thu. War tanks and other war machines can be found here. The height is also a beauty behold.

•    Saigon Central Post Office: Talking about archaic structure, this one of the few you’ll find in Vietnam. Ensure you visit this location to build up your history book.

•    Cu Chi Tunnel: Even if you miss everything in Ho Chi Minh City, it is a must to visit one of the most historic sites, the Cu Chi Tunnel is close to 240 km and was dug with bare hands and some other small tools.

•    You may also choose to visit the Jade Emperor Pagoda, the city opera house, several markets, and many more.

vietnam tour cu chi tunnels

Next Stop: Mui Ne and Phan Thiet
This location is one of the best that houses several beautiful attractions like stunning beaches, sand dune, tropical forest, villages and many more. Before leaving there, be sure to visit locations like:

•    Fairy Stream: this is a fantastic photography hotspot in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne that is characterized by its red, white, orange, and pink landscapes.

•    Mui Ne Beach: A beach spanning close to 15 kilometers which are lined up with several shopping venues and dining. This is definitely one of the top spots to visit in Mui Ne.

•    Mui Ne Fishing Village: This is another top location lined up with palm tree, upon getting there, there are several colorful fishing boats that are sure to give you a highlight of what to expect in this location. It is located at the northern end of Mui Ne.

•    Po Shanu Cham Tower: This building is constructed during the Champa Kingdom, and as an ancient worshipplace, it is dedicated to Hindu deities, like Lord Shiva, Agni, and Nandi.

•    Ta Cu Mountain: The Ta Cu Mountain is another top spot that boasts over 250,000 square meters of lush rainforest, limestone caves, ornate, and rare wildlife. With just 2-hour hike, you can access the mountain, or you can take a 10-minute cable car.

Other top locations include the Phan Thiet water tower, the prince castle, the Van Thuy Tu Temple, and the Takou Mountain.

mui ne beach holiday

Next Stop: Da Lat
This bustling city has a climate different from other top cities in Vietnam. You can be sure that you're free from the permanent sweating you have been experiencing due to its location on the hill of the Highlands. It is a scenic and mountainous region which makes it more popular in Vietnam. There are several sports like white water rafting, mountain bike riding, and canyoning that you can enjoy in this location.

You may visit the following locations while you are in Da Lat:

•    The Bao Dia’s summer place: This is the Bao Dia palace that contains the working area, the entertainment room, large dining room, and many more.

•    The Crazy House: A crazy house indeed which features amenities like dry cleaning and laundry services, front desk, luggage storage, and many more.

•    Visit the flower garden, Cho Dalat, the train station, and many more.

Move To Hoi An
Hoi An is a magical city that has several big markets that you can explore and enjoy during your stay in Vietnam, and the night market is a spectacular scene you must not miss while you are on your British tour in Vietnam. You can also visit the Cantonese assembly hall, and the ancient old villages attached to Hoi An, the Japanese covered bridge, and many more.

vietnam tour hoi an

Next Stop: Hue
Many have overlooked Hue while touring Vietnam. It has one of the most beautiful roads you can find in the world. Hue is once the former capital of Vietnam making it one of the most historic cities in Vietnam. You may visit one of the following locations:

•    Dong Ba Market

•    Bach Ma National Park

•    Tu Dan Pagoda

Next Stop: Hanoi
There are several sights to behold in Hanoi. Many have enjoyed touring the fantastic lakes and temples which are more than a thousand years old. Some of the top location to visit in Hanoi include:

•    Hanoi Old Quarter: You will find legendary structures and temples with massive architecture in this location.

•    Hanoi West lake and the Hoan Kiem Lake.

•    The Ngoc Son Temple and the Bach Ma Temple.

•    The Army museum and the Hoa Lo prison.

End it In HaLong Bay
Ending the tour in Ha Long Bay has been the option for many before returning to Ho Chi Minh city. A trip without getting to this location is incomplete, and you are bound to enjoy relative peace in these locations. You may visit the:

•    Amazing highlands in this location like Cat Ba island, Daub Be Island, Dau Go Island and many more.

•    The floating villages and the fish farms.

•    Hung Sung Sot Cave, Pelican cave, and the virgin cave.

Many choose to visit SAPA another beautiful location in Vietnam. This itinerary will help you enjoy your entire stay in Vietnam by giving you the perfect location to visit. Ensure you have enough cash to complete your trip and that you start each day journey as early or start it late at night if you prefer night trips.

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