Guide to Travel to Vietnam by Land, Water, and Air

25, January, 2019

Guide to Travel to Vietnam by Land, Water, and Air

You can travel to a country you've never been before and wander like you are lost, asking anyone that crosses your part questions about where you are going, how to navigate back home, and risks to avoid. On the other hand, you can choose to make abundant inquiries before you book a flight and travel to the new country you've never been. Which option makes sense to you? The later? Definitely!  

Okay, think again, which makes sense? To dream about a place you'd love to be and to be where you dreamt? The later? The two work hand in hand. Set out for a new country, make inquiries, inquiries could be about anything that would enhance your comfortability, yes, but it begins somewhere, how to get there.  

Therefore, while I'll stay faithful to the theme of my article, I'm prepared to give you a handy bonus, it's my duty. So, let's go!  For one, Vietnam isn't a country you can go with zero knowledge and find your stay funny or better called fun-filled, never! So, before I proceed, I'll commend you for making it here. I'm going an inch further, for perching at this article, you sure are ready for your trip.

This guide simplified all your inquiries, concisely, you would feel satisfied, and I bet it, you are setting out for a real journey.  Let's take it one after the other.

Guide to Travel Vietnam
Granted, Vietnam is a long coastal country spanning precisely 1650 kilometers from North to South. That narrow landmass is  fully blessed with fantastic locations, exotic beaches, magnificent cities. Because there are overwhelming options for travelers, traveling or getting around in Vietnam could be daunting.  The mode of transportation cuts around the pros and cons of each mode itemized. But you can be sure that I'll highlight what exactly would make your adventures a memorable one!

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Guide to Travel Vietnam by Air.  
Now, you could ask why an airplane choose? It's clear, a domestic flight lets you get to Vietnam the fastest means possible. Yes, you know that it would come with a price, yet it's affordable. Moreover, apart from the fact that it is fast, it is also, one of the convincing ways of getting around in Vietnam. And if you want to see more of Vietnam just within a short period, you are covered with this mode of transport over others.  

Surprisingly, an air ticket may be relatively cheaper than a train ticket. The point? Your flight depends on who you go with and the time you traveled. (more in this later). And again, for the majority of individuals, this is by far the comfortable means of transport.  Remember I said that going with a  domestic flight will make your journey faster? Then there are the three options opened to you:

1. Vietnam Airlines. This is a full-service government-managed airline.

2. Vietjet Air. This is a low-cost airline compared to Vietnam airlines.  

3. Jester Pacific. Just like Viejet air, jester pacific is also a low-cost carrier.  

I want to reveal to you a. little information about these types of domestic flights available to you.  

Take, for instance, the Vietnam airlines, being the full-service airlines, it offers all, including refreshment which is often determined by the flight length, but you could be sure that if you have a considerable lengthy flight, you will enjoy this privilege. Additional offer is the checked baggage inclusive which is within the ticket price, whereas, the low-cost carrier has only an inclusive 7-kilogram carry-on-bag, and yes, lest I forget, there is no meal!  If you need a meal and want a checked baggage offer, you will pay an additional fee.

But, what if you want to navigate around? Where and where can you go to?  In Vietnam, the three biggest airports are Ho Chi Minh City (Tan So Nhat) located in the south, in the north, Hanoi (Noi Bai and finally in the central region, Danang.  

Advantageously, the three being the main airport, all have multiple flights every day between them. Apart from these threes, there are others too found in several locations. For example, in the north, you might have Hai Phong, in the central, Quy Nhon. Nevertheless, there is something important to be noted. Directs flights are not available always and not all flights pass through the same location.  To be sure, only Viejet is the only airline that travels between Danang and can tho. So desire to get to some certain locations, which airport should you use? Read our: Cheap Flights to Vietnam

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Here are three ideas.

To get to Hoi An. Danang should be used. And just from the airport, Hoi An is about 45 minutes.  

Use Dong Hoi to get to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, and that is about an hour away.  

To assess Mekong Delta, use Can Tho. And finally, Hanoi can be booked to visit Sapa and Halong Bay.  

Now you can ask what the bottom line is?  It also boils down on several factors, flight availability, flight time, price, and personal preference. Although, a rating so far have shown Vietnam airlines to be and still be the most quality and stable flight. In addition, you might be faced with flight cancelations delays or other problems if you choose other flights. And yet, if you'd be leaving Vietnam finally, make sure you pass the night, that day, in the town your flight will be taking off. It's best you take this seriously than laughing at it.  

But how do you book a ticket? Use the official websites email address. That's it by air, let's talk about land, yes travel Vietnam by Land.

Travel Vietnam by Land.  
In traveling to Vietnam by Land, there are several alternatives to use by Land, and I'll highlight all From private cars to bus to train, and motorbike.

1. Renting a car. That you rent a private car, means that you are ready to employ more hands, a private driver. And before you agree to use a driver, the driver must have a Vietnamese drivers license, and if it is not a local driver, the driver must at least, have 3 Month Visa, to enable him to acquire a driver's license.  If you choose to explore short distances around your surrounding within your comfort, this option is nice for you. Yes, I need to get something off your mind (if at all its there). Renting a private car in Vietnam is inexpensive, per day reviewing company prices, you would pay within $50-$100.  

travel vietnam by land

2. Travel to Vietnam by Bus. This form is the cheapest form of transport in Vietnam. Want to be sure? A distance over 400km from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang will cost you a meager pay of $8. Just want to travel like a local, pick this option. There are risks involved, more reasons I'd personally not recommend this for you.  

Local drivers could over speed and drive recklessly thus leading to the death of passengers. Also, you are at risk of theft; your personal belongings might not come down with you. Traveling from one destination to another could be longer than expected because some roads might be busier and potholes could make smooth traveling unrealistic.

The best way to book a bus is walking into the bus office and book in person. Also, you can book seats online. Why you can choose the bus could only be price, it's cheap; else all other things are secondary.  

Travel in Vietnam by Train.
Want an authentic cost-friendly prices, train is the best option. They are safer than buses and are free from accidents and traffics that often befall passengers of bus travels. It's comfortable, relaxed and gives you a memorable sightseeing experience.

Another bonus is that the train runs through all major cities in Vietnam.  Although if the train you booked didn't take you to the destination of your choice, you can pick a taxi for a drop.  

There are risks involved in traveling by train too; they include hygiene, onboard hygiene is poor, some bed sheets and pillowcase might be dirty because they are not always changed. The bathroom may be dirty and unkempt. And you may find basic toilet facilities scares, come with yours.  

How to book a train in Vietnam. You can visit the official Vietnam railways website, and if navigating and booking tickets seems troubling, you should visit it presents you everything you need to know about trains services.  

Travel in Vietnam by Motorbike. The best local way to travel Vietnam. Amazingly, Vietnam is one of the countries where motorbike outnumbers the number of vehicles, so it's a cruise seeing motorbikes all around. Also, it avoids the problems that are common with the use of buses and trains.  

Just be sure you can ride like a professional, and then you will enjoy the cruising if traveling past cars and other big vans.  

Vietnam Travel Guide - By Water
When it comes to using water as a mean of travel in Vietnam, you should be very careful. More reasons why you need a guide. Kindly note that some areas of Vietnam like Mekong Delta and Halong Bay are only accessible through boats along.  

How else can you explore these magnificent beauties, wonders of nature? Moving on a boat with a guide is the best way. The tour ranges from overnight to luxurious packages. Cost starts from $200 upwards for this luxurious overnight cruise.  But touring for a day with a guide, you can set aside a sum of $20 and have an satisfying experience.

With this Vietnam travel guide, there should be no hassle taking off from one point to another. But when you get to Vietnam, it's fine you learn how you can best save money. It's still part of the guide. To have a fun trip, you must know how best you can play with your hard earned money.

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Travel Guide to Save Money in Vietnam
It's true that traveling to Vietnam has lots of beautiful, wonderful natural things to interest you. There are so many experiences you can look forward too. When planning your culinary and itinerary, you can budget a considerable amount of money for the whole activity you'll enjoy during your stay. Read our: Money Guide To Vietnam

1. Only travel during the off-peak season. The first decision to make about your traveling to Vietnam is knowing the time you are to go. But all in all, choose a time that guarantees you cheap flight ticket, accommodations, and tourist services. Be sure of when Vietnamese holidays are plus a well-founded knowledge about their weather.

2. Only Purchase Things You Need. There is this natural urge that might come as a result of traveling to another country with a diverse culture from yours, even if the culture is far beyond what you can relate with. You would want to buy things. But be warned. See your doctors before coming so you could be sure of what to take along, as for other things, buy them only if you need them.

3. Visa Exemption. In Vietnam, the government has organized so many plans to make sure that a tourist enjoys his stay. And ultimately those steps have boosted tourism in Vietnam. Take, for example; the government has set in place several policies to limit the amount of time and effort used in acquiring a visa to travel to Vietnam. If your country falls on that list, that's an opportunity for you to save $25.

4. Exchange Rates. Among other things you should know before heading to Vietnam, you must be sure of their exchange rates. VND or Vietnam Dong is the official currency in Vietnam; therefore, if you are coming in with other currencies, you should be informed as to where and how to exchange them.

Although some shops in Vietnam might have no problem with you purchasing things in dollars, you also need to check the exchange rate before traveling down.

5. Mode of Transportation. While you should book a flight during the time where offers are considerably low, you should also, save money while you stay in Vietnam. Take, for instance, walking with your foot from one junction to another junction would be cheaper than other forms of transportation mentioned earlier.

Plus the fact that you will gently see amazing places of adventure. If you need a unique experience, you can rent a motorbike if you have a driver's license.

6. Accommodation. Book in early and yes book when it's not the peak flow of tourists. You can always get budget travel, or perhaps a luxury hotel is that's which you want.