Ultimate Travel Guide For British to Plan a Trip to Vietnam

26, February, 2019

Ultimate Travel Guide For British to Plan a Trip to Vietnam

Consistently, Vietnam host lots of tourists from all over the world. And even as at the time of compiling this article, the rate of traveling isn’t receding, instead it’s getting higher by the day. Thus, people from the United Kingdom often yearn to be part of this impressive development. Because their love for traveling Southern Asian countries is never ending, but the truth is told, organizing this traveling without careful planning and going through the rubric isn’t easy. But when you have the right information and the proper plan is made, you will genuinely have smooth organizing.

Of course, reading this article tells me that you are eager to plan a trip to Vietnam from the UK, travel to Vietnam from the UK, have a Vietnam tour from the UK, and have the exact details on how to book flights to Vietnam from the UK. Tell you what? All these questions, including destinations to visit, Vietnam visa from the UK, things to do and basic tips will provide a concise explanation that will set your plan on board. Yes, as the title reads, it is going to be an ultimate guide!

Vietnam Visa Requirements
To kick-start, it’s ideal to start with the Vietnam Visa requirements. This will help a British citizen plan to travel from the UK to Vietnam, in a simplified manner, not that alone, it will help to know how to schedule flights to Vietnam from UK, and Vietnam tour from the UK.

Before June 30, 2018, citizens of Britain can travel to Vietnam from the UK either for business or tourism with no need for a visa, if the number of days they will spend will not exceed 15 days. But sadly, August 1, 2018, this allowance was stopped. So citizens of Britain will then be required to visit Vietnam regardless of the number of days they are to spend..

They are three primary means of acquiring a visa for British citizens. One, they could obtain that from the Vietnamese Embassy located in London, and within a time frame of 4-5 days, you can have your visa after due processes have been made.

Two, visa could be obtained after flying into Vietnam via any of the three major international airports, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. But before setting out for the journey, an online application needs to be filled. First, the process called “visa-on-arrival,” would require that you submit the form you fill online, then you will receive an invitation letter inviting you to Vietnam. If this approval isn’t granted, you won’t be able to make the trip.

However, if the approval is given, on arriving in Vietnam, you can have your visa immediately issued. To fill the form, you can make use of the Vietnam official website or through any Vietnam trip trusted agents.

Thirdly, you can get your Visa by applying for an e-visa. This is easily requested for online, then print out and thus show the immigration officer. It should be noted that this third option would only cover for a maximum of 30 days and would never go beyond that.

Furthermore, if you are traveling from the UK, precisely, that is, flights from the UK to Vietnam, you can start by boarding at London Heathrow International Airport (LHR) to any of these locations: Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Hue. And apparently, it would cost from UK£ 301 to UK£ 610, subjects to the number of transfers.

It is not unrealistic to make direct flights. But if you choose to establish direct flights to Vietnam from the UK, it can only be made to Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, and Hanoi. Nevertheless, there are flights to all these mentioned and highlighted airports several times, and you can make cheaper flights which can be booked online with some of the budget airlines available.

If you crave for Vietnam tailor-made tour or Vietnam private tour, these are the approved, stress-free steps and pattern to follow regardless of how financially buoyant you are.

vietnam visa from the uk

Essential Tips To Master Before You Travel to Vietnam From UK
After knowing the visa’s requirements, the flight processes, the next most vital points to consider are some of the fundamental tips to master before you move into Vietnam. Let’s talk about five of these tips for a more exciting tour.

1. Verify Your Travel Vaccinations. Weeks or days before your take off time, have an appointment booked with your GP. Your GP will reveal to you new vaccines that are currently in the market. New vaccines like Japanese Encephilitus maybe offered. Above all, have vaccines that cover for your necessary protection.

It might not surprise you to note that there are numerous contagious diseases in Vietnam in which some of the locals die off. Thus if you can make this requirement a point of consideration, you will undeniably walk around freely with no fear of contamination.

2. Your First Night - Book accommodation. For Vietnam tour from the UK, your first stop might pose a little bit of shock, the culture, the streets might make you fill confused, in order not to be lost among these, you might be needed to book at least two nights of accommodations. From there you can identify your final destination.

There are many hotels with budget-friendly fees, and yet you can get comfy beds, welcoming staffs, free breakfast, fantastic Wi-Fi connectivity, and beautiful decor. All these positive attributes will bring in comfort and make it easier to make a quality decision.

3. What You Must Wear. In Vietnam tailor-made tour, the approved and general dress code is shorts or skirts, vest tops, or lightweight T-shirt. However, there are times you have to be careful about what you wear, and that is when you are paying a visit to the Mosque or temples. Cover yourself well in this instance.

You can use pashmina to help you wrap yourself well, your shoulders. For both male and female who want to plan a trip from Vietnam to the UK, they can come along with a pair of lightweight long trousers. You will find it helpful when you get into buses and planes with air-conditioning that gets colder.

4. You Can Stay Connected All Through. Even during your Vietnam private tour, you can enjoy internet connectivity flawlessly. You can always stay connected on your trips. The cafes, hotels, restaurants, and hostels all have it, at least the standard ones, it is super fast. The most budget hotels would give you this offer in their rooms. So if you’ve booked flights from Vietnam to the UK, you can have the full assurance that you would have constant internet connectivity.

5. Travel Agents Are Your Friends. It is advice-able you book every part of your trip before you arrive. Fact is, every town is worth visiting, and they have a travel agency. Vivutravel agents, for example, is trusted and has been operating for years. Using these travel offices is a convenient way to plan the trip effectively and have a quite lovely time. 

Destinations to Visit In Vietnam For British Travelers
Since British travelers have a constant desire to travel Vietnam, the destinations they should pick must fit in with the all reason they were motivated to plan a trip to Vietnam from the UK.

Granted, Vietnam is identified as a country with the startling landscape, wonderful terrace, beautiful beaches, forested mountains, and quite a different delta and valleys.

To experience all these fun-filled activities, and to truly enjoy a private tour if you are opting for that. These ten destinations are subjects to amazement. Undeniably, they will not make you regret your decision to travel to Vietnam from the UK.

vietnam tour from the uk sapa

1. Halong Bay. What makes Halong Bay one of the best locations in Vietnam? It has a cluster of rocky limestone outcrops and aqua-green water that emerges from the water looking identical like sea dragons! There are impressive caves, sinkholes, caverns, and intriguing lakes.

2.  Hoi An. This location is incredibly appealing for a Vietnam tailor-made tour. It has historic architecture, traditional textiles, and culture. There are hundreds of beautiful architecture with elegant shops where you can see so many custom made services.

3. Hanoi. Flights to Vietnam from the UK should not exclude this glowing city. This city has an open-air museum packing historic Asian and French colonial Architecture. There are other scenic locations, including are busy, crowded market and many other top tourist attractive centers, like Cathedrals and Opera House.

4. Sapa. This location is surrounded by rice terrace, plenty of hill tribes, and scenic mountains. Thus, this location is opened for you to explore and have the best trip so far. Mountain hiking and so many adorable plans for your Vietnam tour from the UK. Impressively, you can gaze and have immense satisfaction looking at the waterfalls, view awesome customs and food.

5. Mekong Delta. You don’t need a soothsayer to inform you that Mekong Delta is a location for fulfilling your quest for Vietnam. There are colorful markets, bird sanctuaries, rice paddies, fruit orchards, and sugarcane groves. So no doubts, these regions is one of the areas for agricultural produce, and yes you can eat sea life to the fill.

6. My Son. Yes, if you have unique interest archaeology, this is the right place for you. My son is an incredible location identified as an important archaeological site. Well, back in those days, it houses religious activities like the Hindu religion and some of their ceremonies.

7. Ho Chi Minh City. To increase your coast of knowledge, Ho Chi Minh City is known as Saigon, and for years it served as the public capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam war. As it stands today, Ho Chi Minh city gives more tourists from Britain reasons to travel to Vietnam from the UK since it has so many historical and modern attractive places.

8. Nha Trang. Think of one of the best beautiful bays off the coast found in south-central Vietnam, think Nha Trang. It offers picturesque mountains, lush islands, fantastic beaches. This city is fleshed the more with palm trees and adorned inviting promenade.

Things to do During Your Vietnam Tour from the UK.
And finally, the last but one of the essential things to consider that will make your trip and excellent and yet satisfying one is this final part. You must have an idea of what you would be doing when you travel to Vietnam from the UK.

vietnam travel from the uk hoi an

1. Cycle Around Hue. In the morning, you set off then travel down to the tiger fighting arena. Yes, that place is identified by Vietnamese as the Colosseum, that is, a place where elephants and tigers would be engaged in a fight to honor the strength of the monarchy. Then you can cycle around to Vong Canh Hill; there you will see panoramic views of the perfume river.

2. Search Out For The Best Vietnam’s Pho in Hanoi. One of the staple meal in Vietnam is the traditional Pho, in the street, it is common for it to be found, yes, I will advise that you walk around to get it at one of the best restaurants for the best outcome.

3. Visit The World ’s Largest Cave. That is it. This is found in Quang Binh. In there you will find a cavern that is so tall that a skyscraper would conveniently fit in. Some gears will help ascend and descend the hill. The surrounding locations are blessed with a stunning waterfall, monkeys making beautiful noise.

4. Cruise The Mekong Delta. Remember I mentioned Mekong Delta as one of the places your destinations can feature. Your Vietnam Tailor made tour can include the cruising of the Mekong Delta. With consistent cruising, you can peer into the river banks rickety silted houses. Also, you can experience an incredible night journey on the river.

5. Light a Lantern In Hoi An. This celebration spans seven days. An impressively, over 50 workshops are ever pleased to take part in the party. This celebration is often chaotic, crowded and there is a display of foods, songs and lots of events for locals and tourists.