Vietnam Food and Drink – 10 Thing You Should Not Try Eating

22, March, 2019

Vietnam Food and Drink – 10 Thing You Should Not Try Eating

Are you a tourist? Have you been searching for the next destination to explore during your holiday? If yes, look no further, Vietnam is one perfect country to explore. Above other countries, the beautiful sights of Vietnam are wonderful enough to satisfy you and your expectations. If you’ve chosen Vietnam, that is indeed a good choice.

But before stepping into this country, there is some important information that you should know. For one, food is essential that we all can’t do without. Trust me, the foods in Vietnam are so delicious and unique that even after leaving, you will keep remembering it. The street foods are also unique and different from those you see in other countries.

But there are some food and drinks you should not think of taking while on your Vietnam packages. In this article, we will be discussing 10 of those things that could be detrimental to your health if you take them while in Vietnam. Pay close attention as this information will preserve and protect you while enjoying your happy time in Vietnam.

1.    Avoid Tap Water
Of all drinks to avoid, tap water is the most important. Water is very important, but it is the easiest way to get microorganism into the body. Wherever you are travelling to, taking the tap water, there is such a bad idea. Tropical countries like Vietnam is filled with millions of strange microbes that are new to your body and seeking a new home.

Tap water is the easiest way to fill your system with these microbes, and in their numbers, they are as deadly and harmful as possible. Don’t ruin your visit, take packages or table water while in Vietnam unless you are sure your body can withstand them.

2.    Roadside Coffee
There are several cheaper coffee places in Vietnam. Almost at every turn, you will find coffee shops where you can quickly grab a cup of coffee. The problem is that many of them add fillers to their coffee, and for the record, fillers are very toxic and harmful for you.

Since the competition among coffee seller in Vietnam is fierce, many improve their sales and inflate profits by mixing their coffee with a cheap chemical that you may not be able to identify with a mere tasting of the coffee. Ad if you still want to catch the street coffee, make sure they prepare it right in your face, that’s a bit safer.

3.    Strange Meat
Street food can rarely be avoided in Vietnam. So, when I say strange meant, I don’t mean street foods. Many believe that the best foods are served in the street. But as usual,exercising a measure of caution is important. There are some meats that are processed and sold at lower prices.

I can’t continue to name those meats, but when you sight them, you can see clearly that their production process is poor and unhealthy. Strange meats are just unhealthy; they carry little or no risk in most cases.

4.    Toads
One of the common staples in Vietnamese cuisine is frog. You need not fear about tasting them as they thrill your taste bud and stomach. But toad on the hand is deadly. They look alike and can easily be confused for the other.

Their bodies contain Bufotoxins that can result in serious problem especially when they are not well treated. Instead of trying it out whether it is well prepared or not, avoiding it overall is a better option.

5.    Milk
The Vietnam milk although mot dangerous in its entirety might not be comfortable for your stomach. The chances that your stomach will reject it is very high. You can try the condensed milk they use in their coffee preparation. That is safer and won’t be new to your body. If you want to enjoy your trip, avoid this as much as possible.

6.    Uncooked Vegetables
Uncooked vegetables are another thing to look out for. Recently there was a controversy in Vietnam when farmers were adding chemicals to their products with the sole goal of making them greener. Some even bleach their mushroom while others carry out other unhealthy activities on their vegetables.

These stories make it essential for you to avoid eating vegetables that are not cooked. Even in the presence of those chemicals, when you cook the vegetable, it tends to be safer and carry fewer risks. The chemicals results are not only in the short term; they are more of the long-term effect.

7.    Raw blood pudding
Tiet Canh is one of the traditional dishes many take in northern Vietnam. It Is made with fresh duck or pigs blood. There are thousands of bad bacteria that are present in swine blood. Many have died as a result of eating this dish, try as much as possible not to taste it. It means your life.

8.    Pufferfish
If you are a fan of The Simpson, you will know clearly that Pufferfish is deadly. Even if you don’t, you can read more about this food online. It's worrying that with the level of information delivered online, many are still dying because of this product.

It is a clear danger that you must not flirt with while on packaged tour in Vietnam. Remember, you are coming to Vietnam to have fun, stick to that fun and avoid pufferfish; they are poisonous.

9.    Cold Soup
Naturally, eating cold food is bad. Several foodscientistshave proved that there are several harmful bacteria that are lurking around cold food hoping for someone to drink and house them. When you are in Vietnam, don’t! I REPEAT, DON’T TAKE ANY SOUP THAT IS NOT HOT ENOUGH TO BURN YOUR MOUTH. This is the only way to get rid of those harmful bacteria. Their soups are more delicious and spicy when hot.

10.    Dog Meat
Granted, dog meat is delicious and sweeter than other meats; I won’t argue that with you. But when you get to the Vietnamese territory, drop this idea and look for other meat. The Vietnam dog meat black market is disheartening. Most dogs sold there are family pets that shouldn’t be for sale on a normal day.

Beyond this, such dogs have worms in excess,and their fats make them unhealthy for you and your family. So for two things don’t eat dogs; 1. Most are stolen 2. It is very unhealthy.

Trust me; there are thousands of other amazing foods to explore in Vietnam. Try as much as possible to avoid these ones,and you can be sure your time in Vietnam will be enjoyable and fun filled.

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