Vietnam Tourism and Interesting Facts

11, April, 2019

Vietnam Tourism and Interesting Facts

It will be no exaggeration if you call Vietnam a land of astonishing beauty. The southeast Asian country, Vietnam is surrounded by Cambodia, China, and Laos. It is one of Asia's most admired countries with a blend of unique heritage and natural beauty making millions of tourist flock to Vietnam. Vietnam tourism is growing at a fast pace thereby making the country the World's major travel destination.

You would be surprised by how different parts of the country looks-Rice fields one day, beaches the next day, and the buzzing cities. Vietnam has its unique, beautiful sceneries, and landscapes. The beauty of Vietnam is undeniable. You can experience a kind of hypnosis influence travelers by seeing the candid smiling tourist friendly locals. It is quite beautiful in every way, no matter where you look and how you look at it.

A country of rich historical sagas, the temples, the pagodas, war museums, and reminiscences, you can find everything very close to your heart. It has everything to cater to the demand of a tourist, be it analluring beach activity, sedative night clubs, psychedelic rendezvous, the sumptuous seafood, you can continue adding the to-do list.

Must See locations and Vietnam Packages
Vietnam is for everyone, no matter if you are a beach lover, adventure junkie, foodie, leisure seeker, culture digger or history buff. You can have a complete leisure package that has something for everyone. Here are the top places to visit in Vietnam to give your taste buds a whole new experience.

Hanoi- Historical Destination of Vietnam
Amidst the hustles and bustles of city life, Hanoi is a beautiful history filled tourist destination that showcases an unmatched blend of history and modernity in the right proportion. Expect to explore ancient pagodas, French colonial architecture, etc. Everything in Hanoi from busy markets, grand opera house to the presidential palace, there are a lot of travel spots that offer something interesting to visitors.

Sapa- The Beautiful Mountain Town
Though small, Sapa is a breathtakingly beautiful town located in Lao Cai province of Vietnam. Located 350kms northwest of Hanoi, it lies close to the Chinese border. Flaunting the range of Hoang Lien Son mountains, it is one of the most prominent destinations for hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Hoi An- Splendid Old City
Located in the South-Central side, off the coast of the East Sea is Vietnam's splendid old city Hoi An. It boasts rich historic architecture, traditional and royal culture dating back to 2000 years during the reign of Champa Kingdom. The government tries their best to protect the ancient sites and their ruins, thanks to the growing Vietnam Tourism. The charming town of Hoi An appears in gorgeouslylaid-back scenery with ancient architectural houses on its sides. It is a perfect place to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine, street food to be precise.

Hue-The City that Unfolds Spiritual Tales
Being the culturalcapital of Vietnam, Hue is full of pagodas, temples and tombs and ancient palaces; you cannot miss visiting. It is a popular UNESCO heritage site sits quietly on the banks of perfume river which was the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past. The traces of this glorious period can find perfectly reflecting in the architecture, culture, and cuisine of the city.

Nha Trang- City of Picturesque Beaches and Mountains
Nha Trang is a famous seaside city situated off the coast of south-central Vietnam with picturesque mountains, verdant islands, and pristine sandy beaches. Nha Trang is beach lover’s paradise with beautifully carved promenades, swaying palm trees and luxury resorts. You can find water theme parks and amusement parkswhich makes it a fantastic travel destination to spend your beach vacation. Nha Trang is a tourist obsession for those who love to be on the beach, and your Vietnam itinerary  will give you a treasure trove of exciting experience.  

Ho Chi Minh City- The one that Flaunts the Admirable Nightlife
Sai Gon, the capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam war is today known as Ho Chi Minh City,  is the largest city that offers the right blend of ancient and modern tourist attractions to its visitors. Ho Chi Minh is famous for its happening nightlife where you can rely on one of those sky bars and admire the best view of Ho Chi Minh's nightlife.

The Best Festivals and Cultural Events in Vietnam to Enjoy on your Trip
Festivals and cultural events are the authentic way to experience the soul of any country and Vietnam is no exemption.Imbued with ancient traditions and cultural rituals, Vietnam holds a unique position in the World tourism map. One of the best ways to make sure your trip to Vietnam is an unforgettable travel experience; it would be better to plan your trip coinciding with any popular festivals in the country. You can choose your Vietnam package that includes the ticket to most celebrated events and festivals that happens during specific times of the year. Here are some of the popular festivals in Vietnam that you shouldn't miss.

Tet Nguyen Dan
The famous traditional festival in Vietnam is Tet Nguyen Dan which is Vietnam Lunar New Year, and a must include one in your Vietnam package. It is celebrated to thank the gods for the gift of spring seasonswhile the locals also pay respect to their ancestors.

Perfume Pagoda Festival
Perfume pagoda festival is yet another important festival celebrated in the famous pilgrimage site, the perfume pagoda. During this festival, devotees visit the pagoda by walking hundreds of steps and traverse limestone mountains, rice paddies, and historical shrines to reach the pagoda.

Lantern Festival
Lantern festival celebrated in Hoi An is a must visit the cultural event in Vietnam. During this festival, people hoist paper lanterns all around the city. People stop using electricity and light up their homes and venues with hundreds of handicraft lanterns and candles. Choose a Vietnam package that includes being a part of the lantern festival.  

Beach Activities and Water Sports in Vietnam
Vietnam is a renowned destination for its pristine beaches, gorgeous views, clear water, and yes fantastic water sports and beach activities. Beach activities and water sports are a big draw in Vietnam and backpackers visit Vietnam to indulge in water sport Vietnam packages. What if you can experience the world’s most picturesque landscapes with adventure activities?If you are someone who says, "Yes, I would love to," Vietnam is where you must spend your next beach vacation. With an advantage ofbreathtakingly beautiful islands, beaches, and bays, Vietnam pushes you off your limits, challenges your strength and boost your adrenaline with something quite adventurous.

The beaches in the south and central Vietnam are best suited for water sports and adventurous activities.Vietnam tourism promotes beach activities and water sports to a great extent whichis also a prominent reason why Vietnam is an ideal destination for a beach vacation. Let's explore the must-try beach activities and water sports in Vietnam.

Parasailing is a famous adventure sport in Vietnam especially in beaches in Nha Trang.
February, April, October, and November are the best months for parasailing. Therefore, make sure to plan your trip falling any of these periods, if you want to calibrate your parasailing skills. The wind plays a significant role in carrying out this post, and the winds in Vietnam are ideal for parasailing during spring and autumn season.

You can get professional coaching in parasailing by experts who will teach you the basic techniques and tips on how to perform parasailing. There will be parasail support staff for checking your safety gears before you take off, and before you get the ‘ready go’ order. Lang Co Beach is also a beautiful spot for parasailing activities that is about 30 km north from Danag. The price would vary from $64-$70 on an average.  

Sea walking
The literal meaning of ‘sea walking' stands true with the specific actions take place during a sea walking. It is for the less adventurous souls who aren't swimmers but still want to experience underwater without fear or complicated scuba diving skills. Equipped with a heavy helmet, you can get to walk under the sea experiencing the beautiful sea while admiring the marine life underwater.

It is for anyone who cannot swim, who are afraid of snorkeling and for kids above the age of 10. The popular underwater tour included in Vietnam packages are the ones to Cham island and Nha Trang. The price of sea walking tours would come around $90-$95 per person. It is an unforgettable experience for which you must sign up to enjoy!

Kayaking is the best option if you want to take a closer look at the picturesque landscape while rejuvenating and soothing your senses. To all those who are seeing for the best places to go kayaking, Halong Bay, Phong Nha Cave in Quang Binh Province, Perfume River in Hue, Han River in Da Nang City, etc., must be in their list. Row the boat yourself on calm waters and soak up the peaceful atmosphere for different and unforgettable moments in your trip.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving is a remarkable water sport for people who love to explore underwater life and learn the ecosystem by carefully watching the beautiful colored fish from a close angle and exotic coral reefs. Vietnam is indeed a paradise for divers, and almost all diving sites are accessible throughout the year. The water areas of Madonna Rock, Nha Trang, Ho Trau Nam, Whale Island, Hon Nhan, Hoi An, Dry Island (Hon Ko), Phu Quoc, Nudibranch Gardens, Phu Quoc are ideal for your explorations. The price for a diving session comes about $50 for a person.

Water skiing
While water skiing is not a popular water sport in many areas of Vietnam including Nha Trang, if you wish to try, Vietnam offers opportunities for the same. It is a water sport in which an individual gets pulled behind a boat over a body of water. There is no doubt that it gives you immense pleasure and a dose of adventure while you stand on a board to surf the water. If water skiing is in your control, you would have a lovely time playing with the wave’s rhythm. It will beindeed an exciting feeling!

Cruising in Halong
Though not a water sport, a trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without experiencing a cruise especially when you are in Halong Bay. Witness the majestic landscape of the world heritage spot in the midst impressive way while onboard. Sail through the luxury cruise, midst the speculating bay with breathtaking scenery and tranquil beauty. The price of a cruise trip starts from $79 for a person.

Nightlife in Vietnam
Vietnam's nightlife is one of the incredible experiences you can enjoy while on a Vietnam vacation. Whether you want to shake a leg on the dance floor or a quiet drink, Vietnam has something for everyone. The nightlife scene in Vietnam is changing drastically with plenty of lively pubs, bars, and clubs in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay, etc.

Nightlife is not expensive in Vietnam as the country brews some of the cheapest draft beer in the world. However, the night fun doesn't just extend to drinking; you can catch up with one of the many amazing cultural shows that unfolds the rich facets of Vietnamese culture. So here is how to explore the most popular nightlife in Vietnam.

Traditional Dance Shows
Theatres like Golden Bell in Hanoi and Saigon Opera house features traditional dance shows that you can book online or as a part of Vietnam packages. Fan dance, Hat dance, dragon dance, etc., are some of the unique art forms that attract visitors the most.

Want to try your luck in a casino? You can find casinos in most of the major hotels in Vietnam as gambling is legal for people above 21 years. Vietnam also has some of the premier gaming destinations like the grand casino in Ho Chi Minh city offering a wide range of games in a beautifully adorned environment.

Night Shopping
Vietnam's shopping scene is quite active during the night, too. Especially the Ben Thank market in Hồ Chí Minh City is a great place to buy souvenirs, branded goods, handicrafts art, etc.

Glitzy Nightclubs and Lively Bars
Hanoi is one of the best cities in the country to experience its nightlife to its fullest. Hero club, sunset bar, and beach bars are some of the excellent places with stunning ambiances and breathtaking views. From international DJs playing music to themed nigh party scenes, you would enjoy the excellent nightlife in Vietnam. Chill Sky Bar in Ho Chi Minh is also incredibly famous for rooftop views and happening crowd.

Tips to Enjoy the Best Vietnam Nightlife

* The legal drinking age in Vietnam is 18 years and bringing drugs is illegal.
* Don't forget to check out the dress code of the bar or club if specially mentioned.
* Stay in a hotel near to the famous bar street which will allow you to watch the night scene just like a local. Make sure to check this option while booking a Vietnam package.
* Make sure that you try local beers and street food which are much cheaper than at the hotels.
* While shopping, don't settle for the first price quoted by the shop, make use of your bargaining skills or develop and master the skill of negotiation. (You will thank me later).

Vietnam must be on the top of every backpacker's travel list. It's that simple! Quick on arrival visa arrangements, simple visa filing forms, relatively easy background checking, tailor-made tour or package tour options make Vietnam travel a smooth engagement.

With its fascinating history, dramatic landscapes, pulsating energy, friendly locals, vibrant nightlife and epic food, Vietnampackages will electrify your senses from all angles. A trip to Vietnam is cheap, crazy, relaxing, thrilling and at the same time serene.  

Vietnam is one country that often evokes strong opinions from travelers. Some people love it; some hate it. Sure, there are travel scams, there are market vendors who swat you away, unfriendly vendors, pollution and litter, just like any other third world country in South-east Asia has, but actually way too less than anywhere else in the world. Any adverse remark on Vietnam can make offshoot by the candid, open heart nature of the locals.

You will have a lovely experience in Vietnam, that colors your whole travel experience with enticing memories just like its incredible landscapes with beautiful scenery. Select any of the Vietnam packages, from your trusted travel partner and enjoy the best holidays!