Vietnam family tour with kids

16, January, 2017

Vietnam family tour with kids

There is no better way of spending time together than a special family tour to Vietnam. It has been already one tough session in school for your kids with lots of homework, scheduled activities and taking the test. You should agree with me that no one loves tests. The late hours you have been working need to change into hours to sleep, laugh and stories. Your kids need to bug you with their day and allow them to be free to play under the sun in a whole different environment. The monotony of activities that may have encroached into your home need a little makeover and this is possible with a Vietnam family tour with kids. Let there be change around you this year on your vacation. The anxiety of a new destination should get you powered up for the Vietnam family vacation full of vibrant souls who are ready to explore and have a good time.

Push aside your tight necktie, your high heels shoes and your hefty school shoes for your kids and say hello to freedom. Col t-shirts, flat comfortable sandals, and shorts are the way to go this Vietnam family vacation especially if you are visiting the southern part of the country. If you want to go hiking, you are everyday attire is thrown off the window because it will not fit in for the extraordinary fun. You will love and like what you will experience in Vietnam and it will not be surprised if you start looking for a nice neighborhood and school for your kids. Your Vietnam family vacation will be a blast with the great food, fascinating scenery and the friendliest people full of love and welcoming heart.

Before leaving for your destination of ultimate fun, ensure your passport is up to date and has some extra pages left on it. Acquiring a Vietnam visa on arrival should not be a hindrance because of the simple and precise procedures for applying at any of the Vietnam embassies. If you are seeking to protect what comes out of the pocket, then you are good to go when you chose Vietnam. With pocket-friendly flights which are completely reliable, you and your family should be strapped ready for the other side of an amazing world. Most of all, getting a tour guide should be a must do. You do not want to miss out on the fun because you were lost and end up spending an entire Vietnam family vacation finding places without visiting them. Such a loss for you if this happens.

See the most exciting city of Vietnam
Let your Vietnam family tour with kids take you to Ho Chi Minh City also known as the Saigon city. For reasonable prices with world class services in hotels fitted with air conditioning, hot water, and a double bed, your vacation is in for a very good start. Full of historical features, Ho Chi Minh City will be the best place for your kids to learn about the history and the past of Vietnam. The city has quite the places to visit including the Cu Chi tunnels. These tunnels should excite your family because of their use back in the Vietnam War. It is an experience through the tunnels that will fire up the kid’s imagination as they try to picture how brilliant the Cu Chi tunnels were created and the purpose of their construction.

The Ho Chi Minh City is generous of fun and laughter. The Dam Sen water park is perfect for your kids and also to cool down their bodies and refresh. Take a glimpse of the amusement and main theme parks at the city like the Suoi Tien and the Lac Canh Dai Nam. These parks can take up your entire day if you had not planned for it because of the many exercises that will fascinate your kids and your entire family. Get tired from the wonderful adventure and not from sitting in the office the whole day.

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Experience the Vietnam cities adventure
When it comes to shopping, Hoi An is the city that has it all. The variety of different designs that can be found in the city will completely amaze you. Custom design for your unique shoes, dresses or suits are a total possibility. These items are very affordable and with that, you can get your suitcases filled with quite the classy items that will get your neighbors asking for them. It can be a perfect souvenir for you and your family when you leave with any of these attires. It could be your fashion signature when you get home. Owing to French and Chinese habitation to the city, you will find the finest coffee in the French coffee shops and enjoy what the little historical city of Hoi An has to offer. Not so far away from the amazing city of Hoi An are beautiful beaches which are worth visiting.

Get ready to be dehydrated and hydrated this summer from the wonderful city of Hanoi. Spending time in Hanoi, you will understand why the city is called the Paris of the Orient in Vietnam. Taking walks around the city visiting the different markets and getting to witness the unique and remarkable culture of the Vietnam will give you proof of why it is great to visit Vietnam. Your kids will have a good time at the water puppets center where they will get to enjoy circus performance held at municipal water Puppet Theater. It is a must to visit the Hanoi water park the moment you are in Hanoi city. It will not break a bone climbing to the top level and slide back down. Trust me it is fascinating and thrilling to experience this feeling.

All across Hanoi, the air is filled with the delicious smell of the variety of Vietnam cuisine. You should know that the Vietnam family tour is not complete without a peek at the Mediterraneo restaurant with the best Italian cuisine. You will also get to try out the pristine taste of the Vietnam fish and try feasting using the signature chopsticks at the restaurant in Hanoi. Apart from the finger licking cuisine, get a ride to a cycloid tour in Hanoi will get you a proper reception to the interior.

The Hanoi magic is not complete without taking a train from Hanoi to Hue. Your kids and your entire family will enjoy using the train from one area to another. It is quite affordable and comfortable with a number of drop beds where you can drain your negative energies and stretch those muscles ready for the explicit hike at Hue. You can hire bikes and motorcycles to take you round the beautiful scenery that has drawn many to this place. Make arrangements to take a ride along the perfume river with the dragon boats and even swim at the riverside pool; it is worth the time to enjoy the cool breeze of the river.

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Breathtaking beaches
When it comes to clear waters and a long coast, Vietnams says it all. The clear waters and the sound of the waters as they splash to the beach will blow your mind and give you the theme of a nice and relax Vietnam family trip with the kids. The famous Danang beach also known as the China beach will get you the taste of a Vietnam family vacation. The beach has so much to offer including world-class hotels and a couple of boat rides. Side diving is just a tip of the iceberg on what Danang offers you.

Having a meal in an open air restaurant with the clear view of the Vietnam Sea is a dream everyone has when visiting Vietnam. This is all possible at the Hoa’s restaurant located at the Danang beach. Let your kids bury their feet in the cold sand and enjoy the water sweeping their feet. The sandy beach resort located not so far from the beach allows you to relax and get some warmth when the sea becomes so cold for your family. The marble mountain can be the best destination early in the morning after enough rest at Hoa. The marble mountain houses five other mountains with thrilling caves and pagoda. This is exciting, right?

Initiate some interaction at the Nha Trang beach and have fun with the people visiting the spectacular beach. The country has quite a number of water parks sprinkled all over the astoundingly country and visiting this one at Nha Trang crowns the fun.  The Vinpearl land is quite a place to visit with a water park making it a perfect destination for your kids. Elevating the pleasures of Nha Trang is an aquarium where your kids will learn about the different types of sea animals that are found in the Vietnam water. The perfect weather for a tram ride is at the beach and your family will get pleasure from the entire ride.

Getting to visit a beach with a sand dune can be impressive. The Mui Ne beach greets its visitors with desert sand at the fine beaches. Your kids will take pleasure in walking, splashing, rolling and jumping in the cool water and the supple sand of the fairy spring.  The beach makes a perfect destination for the kids in the morning so that they can benefit from the beautiful breeze and can fly out their kites. The sand dunes make it perfect to have a good time in sliding down while using cardboards.

Although not a beach, Mekong delta lets you enjoy a ride on the traditional sampan also known as the rowing boat. Have the pleasure to take in the beauty of Ben Tre Island while riding and the Mekong River. The floating villages of Mekong will enthrall your kids and get to appreciate what the rural area beholds. You can take stops at the market, farms, and the coconut candy company. It will not harm you if your kids take a treat at the company. It is worth visiting the Cai Be, Can Tho, and Chau Doc and asks your tour guide to guide you through that specific place.

Talk about the improbable water and spectacular scenery, the Ha Long bay stand out. Only a few hours from Hanoi, you get to have a good time in two places, just some distance apart. Visit the various caves at the Bay with the uncountable islands that are perfectly situated all over. The caves will thrill the kids and get them excited about the trip at the Ha Long bay. A boat ride should be in your to-do list when you visit the bay and spending a night at the vibrant hotels at the Islands.

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Irresistible landscapes
It is all about appreciating nature with fabulous scenery. The Sapa landscape is a beauty to behold with the green rice fields winding up the mountainous region. The terraces that separate the rows add the majestic view that cannot be found anywhere. Take pictures with your kids and this could be the perfect Christmas card that you take back with you on this Vietnam family tour.

The natural architecture of Vietnam is worth appreciating. The natural formation of Son Doong caves will startle you and your family and especially your kids. It gets better as you walk inside the cave and watch as the water flows in between the large formation or rocks. Entering a cave inside another is a feeling that might knock you off balance. Lat this Vietnam family tour with kids is a trip worthwhile.

Take satisfaction home
The tour may be about fun but let your family learn the art of appreciation, humility, and conservation of nature.  Vietnam is a place to give you the satisfaction you need in every aspect. The knowledge, fun, and adventure acquired from the Vietnam family vacation should positively impact on your family and let it power them up to tackle up their normal activity. It should not just be a one-time affair, make Vietnam your all time family destination for every vacation.

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