Best things about Traveling Vietnam

07, June, 2017

 Best things about Traveling Vietnam

Best things about Traveling Vietnam
Diverse countryside, weather and inspiring attractions await

For tourist, Vietnam brings to mind images of rice fields, lush, green vegetation, beautiful scenery and bustling fragrant streets blessed with fresh exotic foods.

Vietnam has been growing in popularity with western tourists and travellers over the last five years, with over 6 million international visitors a year walking the ancient streets and discovering temples.

Tourists are falling for this wondrous country; its friendly people, inspiring cultures and many opportunities to experience a country still growing and ever changing.

Tourists from all over the world are looking for an enhanced cultural experience in a country where history and diversity offers them a unique and affordable holiday destination. It's a country for creating a lifetime of special and unique memories.

Entering Vietnam is very straight forward, although you will need to apply for a visa. Tourist visas are easy to obtain and can be applied for prior to entering the country. Tourist Visas are usually standard issued for 1 – 2 months.

You will need to apply for your VIETNAM VISA online and pay a small fee, the VISA will be requested at the airport upon your arrival along with two passport photographs. An additional small fee for your VISA in cash at the immigration desk. The fee varies depending how long you stay and can be paid in US dollars.

A Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel will be able to assist with your VISA application; they are experts in ensuring you will be able to enter their country in the most efficient and easiest way possible.

We have compiled a list of the 'best things' about visiting Vietnam.

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The Weather
People are obsessed with weather and Vietnam is a country of extreme weather differences.

A country with just over 2000 miles of coastline, you can be in humid and wet conditions one day and basking in the warmth of the sun on one of the many beautiful beaches the next.

North Vietnam has a very distinct weather system similar to the UK and some other countries. Winter and summer seasons are more obvious; winter falls from November until April with the coldest months typically January to March. May to October is the best time to visit if you prefer warmer weather, although it will be humid.

The South of Vietnam weather system is reversed. Hot and dry from November to April and wet between May and October.

The best thing is that you can choose what time of year you prefer to visit North or South Vietnam. If you are exploring the entire country, your tour operator will be able to advise what the weather will be like in each destination you have planned on your Vietnam adventure.

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The People
Walk around Vietnam and you will be greeted with smiling, friendly people. Customs and traditions are engrained in Vietnamese culture; with humility and modesty running through their everyday lives, Vietnamese are some of the friendliest people in the world.

If you are lucky enough to stay with a local family as part of a 'homestay' you will be treated to an overwhelming welcome where food, drink and gifts will be shared. The Vietnamese are generous and modest people. You will not fail to feel humbled and charmed by their traditions and customs.

Your Vietnam tour operator will be able to organise a homestay for you; a fabulous way of experiencing Vietnamese people and culture.

Take time to read about Vietnamese traditions and cultures before your visit.

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The Budget Destination
Vietnam is not only blessed with rice fields, lush, green vegetation, beautiful scenery, fresh exotic foods, pristine beaches, but also known as the cheapest destination that meets any traveler's budget. With less than US$1000 per person, tourists can enjoy a Vietnam private tour, escorted by private tour guide, car and land tour included in a 3 star hotels. If you travel in Vietnam on your own, let's imagine you spend US$2.5 for a delicious meal and coffee.

To save your time and money when travelling in Vietnam, it is essential to plan your Vietnam travel with a local Vietnam tour operator who know best things to do in Vietnam, best time to visit Vietnam and can organize the tour as you want.

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The Diversity
Did you know Vietnam has over 50 different ethnic groups; each speaking in their own unique language? With 75% of the population living in rural areas; each day will lend itself to a different cultural experience.

Part of Vietnam's charm is the immense diversity the country has to offer. From North to South you will experience tropical rainforests, amazing and spectacular islands, beautiful white beaches and some of the largest underground cave systems in the world.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the largest cities and flecked with temples, pagoda's, markets and of course opportunities to see some of the best sights Vietnam has to offer. Include the city of Hue on your Vietnam tour packages and the UNESCO world heritage grand citadel will await your exploration.

Tour further along the coastline and white beaches with crystal clear lagoons sit patiently waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Diversity in one country gives you the chance to see so much in a very short time. From rainforests to rice paddies your tour operator will ensure you see some of the most diverse destinations.

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The Food
Fresh ingredients and huge impressive markets. Food in Vietnam is simple, delicious and will introduce your tastebuds to some of the best cuisine in Asia.

Rice is the staple food in Vietnam and will be consumed for most meals. Vietnamese rice dishes are an amazing range of flavour; imagine lots of small dishes each cooked with different spices and fresh herbs.

In North Vietnam subtle spices will flavour the many rice dishes, whilst in the South sweeter spices will be used.

Street food is very popular in Vietnam; each corner will offer traditional Vietnamese street food. The food will be cooked fresh, will be very cheap and is such a fabulous way to tuck into traditional food with the locals.

Night markets are sight to be experienced and you will be in awe of the sights, smells and haggling going on around you. A great place to explore even more Vietnamese foods; colourful and exotic fruits and delicious herbs and spices are waiting to be tasted and devoured.

You will not fail to be impressed with Vietnamese cuisine; fresh, healthy and uncomplicated food with traditional flair.

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The History
Vietnam is home to nearly 15 world UNESCO world heritage sights. Travel along its impressive coastline and you will be able to tour some of the most spectacular sights in the world - Click to read more about the world heritages in Vietnam!

From the world recognised Halong Bay, a bay made up of over 3000 tiny islands to the largest cave system in the world Son Doong Cave. Each location, city and area will offer a piece of history for you to explore and breathe in.

Imperial citadels, temple ruins, pagoda's, rainforests and beaches can all be explored on your visit to Vietnam.

Imagine waking up one day and walking amongst temples over 1000 years old and then ending the day on a boat trip around one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

A Vietnam tour operator like Vivutravel will make sure you see all the best things and places Vietnam has to offer. A country simply waiting to be explored.

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