Vietnam Luxury Tour: Amazing Reasons to Stand Up Early

21, March, 2019

Vietnam Luxury Tour: Amazing Reasons to Stand Up Early

You are at the final stage of your Vietnam luxury tour preparation; you definitely are looking forward to enjoying your time in Vietnam. It is one of the best feelings you will have in years. Vietnam is a southeast Asian country known for its rivers, beaches, busy cities and many more.

Vietnam is considered as the gateway to southeast Asia. It is the 15th most populous country in the world and one of the most populous in Asia. Your tour in this country promises to result in many unforgettable experiences. You will definitely won’t want to miss it.

But many tourists have preferred starting each day’s tour early, why start early? What are the benefits? Why should you not start late? These and other questions are what we are going to be addressing in this article. I do hope that this will help you enjoy every bit of your stay in Vietnam beyond compare.

How Big is Vietnam?
It is important to know how big Vietnam is as a country when explaining why you should start each day tour as early as possible. Vietnam has a total area of 331,212 km2, which correspond to 127,882 square meters. It is the 65th largest land area in the world. A total of 6.38% of Vietnam is covered by water.

As of 2016, the population of Vietnam was 94,569,072 with an overall density of 276.03/km2. Clearly,even with its small land area, the country is filled with more populationthan other big cities. Thisdefinitely makes travelling and competition high in this country.  Read our Reasons to spend a luxury holiday in Vietnam

Benefits of Starting Each Days Tour Early
Having had a handful of information about Vietnam, here are some reasons why you should endeavour to start each day’s tour early.

1.    Time
One thing to always consider is the quantity of time you have. Most visa affords you the opportunity to tour for just two weeks and in fewer occasions three weeks. To extend, you might need to pay a huge sum of money. Since the time you have is limited, you won’t be able to visit every important location in Vietnam and enjoy the rich blessings and sight there if you start late every day.

2.    The life of the cities
Granted you have been to several cities, but Vietnam is different. Every morning come ina different beautiful experience. The Vietnamese people are so hardworking that they are up each morning to start their work. Who will sleep late when the competition is high? So you would have missed a lot if you wake up late. Going out early will help you understand how hardworking the Vietnamese people are who knows if you will want to relocate there in the future. There is something to learn every morning.

3.    Locations to visit
If you have been reading about Vietnam, you will definitely come to realise that there are thousands of locations to visit in this city. Take for example, in Ho Chi Minh city, the places to visit are limitless. You can spend more than a full day touring this city and still end up skipping some location.

As one of their biggest city, there are palaces, museums, cathedrals, post office, markets, and many more that will make your visit more interesting when you visit them. If you start late, you are bound to cover fewer areas and thereby miss the real deal about life in Vietnam.

vietnam luxury tour trip in vietnam

4.    The Journey
Every day you will need to travel from one location to another in Vietnam. I don’t know what you have heard, but travelling can be fun and stressful depending on how you want it. Travel early, and you will get to your destination in time. Start late, and traffic won’t consider you at all.

If you aren't passing the night in every location you visit, you may then need to travel back to your hotel every night. Your Vietnam luxury tour may become stressful tour if you always have to travel at night. On the other hand, you will be making use of public transports which you can do little to influence how fast they will be, so starting early will make it easy for you to complete each day’s tour early and return early.

5.    Spend Less
If you wish to spend less, you should consider starting each day’s tour very early. Cost of transportation is significantly higher when you are travelling at night. You will have little option when you are charged high for transport. You know emergency services cost more, travelling at night will be categorised under emergency service, Vietnam drivers are kind, but not when travelling at night.

6.    Fun without limit
Imagine going to the beach and spending just 30 minutes or less there; this is a terrible idea. This is what will happen when you don’t start your Vietnam luxury tour early. But when you want to catch fun without limit, you will need to start very early each day.

For example, when visiting the Cu Chi tunnel, you will have to undergo more than an hour’s drive if you are coming from Ho Chi Minh City, without leaving early, you will get there late and have to leave early to return to Ho Chi Minh City. Trust me, fun without limit is achievable only when you leave early.  After all, your Vietnam luxury tour is all about fun.

vietnam luxury tour cu chi tunnel

7.    Time and unforeseen occurrences
The only thing we are sure of in life is what has happened and not what will happen. So when starting each day’s tour, you can be sure of what the day will bring. Starting early will help pitch your tent in a safe spot. That’s the best option for you.

In this article, we have discussed at least seven reasons in detail why you should endeavour to start your Vietnam luxury tour early. The benefits are definitely much and unmatched. If you want to say clearly that you enjoyed your visit in Vietnam, you must be ready to start each day’s tour early and relax early to afford you the opportunity to start the next day early.

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