Transportation in Chau Doc

Transportation in Chau Doc

Transportation in Chau Doc

Chau Doc is one of the main entry points from Vietnam to Cambodia, and, along with Long Xuyen, one of the key regional centres of the An Giang province. As such, there are a number of different transportation options, both to other cities within Vietnam, and also over the border into Cambodia.

Using the ferry to cross into Cambodia is quite an experience!

This Chau Doc Transportation Guide gives some background information about getting to and from the city, along with Long Xuyen, and also getting around within the two places. You can also use the local transportation options to get to Nui Sam. General Vietnam travel information can be found by visiting our Vietnam Transportation Guide.

Chau Doc Transportation Guide

Getting There & Away


No-trills cargo boats run twice weekly between Chau Doc and Ha Tien via the Vinh Te Canal (negotiable from 1 50.000d to 200,000d, eight to 12 hours), which straddles the Cambodian bor­der; it’s an interesting 95km trip. Departures are at Sam from a tiny pier (near 60 Street of Trung Hung Dao). There are plans lor a fast boat service during the litetime ol this book. For information on travelling into Cambodia.

Delta Adventureoffers a couple of boat options out of Chau Doc, including a day cruise to Sa Dec or a two-day cruise to HCMC via Vinh Long and a night in a homestay.


The buses from HCMC to Chau Doc leave from the Mien Tay bus station. The Mai Unh express bus can make the run in six hours and costs around 110.000d. To Can Tho is just 50,000d by express bus.

The Chau Doc bus station (Ben Xe Chau Doc) is east ot town towalk a Long Xuyen. Ruses from Chau Doc leave here for Long Xuyen, Can Tho, Rach Gia and Ha Tien.


By road, Chau Doc is approximately 117km from Can Tho, 181km from My Tho and 245km from HCMC.

The Chau Doc-Ha Tien road is 100km in length and is slowly improving. As you approach Ha Tien, the land turns into a mangrove forest that is infertile and almost uninhabited. The drive takes about three hours, and it’s possible to visit Ba Chuc and Tuc Dup en route. If you don’t plan to drive yourself, xe om drivers typically charge about US$15 to US$20 for this route or arrange a car through travel agencies or hotels in town.

Getting Around

Xe loi can be hired around town for around 10.000d. Motorbikes are available for rent through most guesthouses and cost US$10/5 for a full/half day.

Boats to Chau Giang district (across the Hau Giang River) leave from two docks: ve­hicle ferries depart from Chau Giang ferry landing (Ben Pha Chau Giang), opposite 419 Street of Le Loi smaller, more frequent boats leave trom Phu Hiep ferry landing (Ben Phab FBPhu Hiep), a little further southeast.

Vehicle leiries to Con Tien Island depart from the Con lien ferry landing (Ben Pha Con Tien) at the river end of Street of Thuong Dang Le; you can catch boats to Chau Giang and Phu Chau (Tan Chau) from the Ben Do Quoc Doanh ferry landing on Street of Gia Long, opposite the post office.

Private boats (80,000d for a couple of hams), which are rowed standing up, can be hired from either ot these spots, and are highly recommended lor seeing the floating houses and visiting nearby Cham minority villages and mosques. Motorboats (100.000 per hour) can be hired in the same area.

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