Reasons to Visit Cambodia in 2019

26, November, 2018

Reasons to Visit Cambodia in 2019

Cambodia is one such place that must be in your backpacking list if you are planning to explore Southeast Asia. It is a city with rustic charm amalgamated with the beauty of modernity, rich history and culture. People often compare Cambodia with Thailand, as it gota lotgoing on which keep visitors coming back for more every time. There are more than hundreds of temples along with picturesque beaches, buzzing towns, and great food.Let me pen down here somereasons to travel to Cambodia in 2019 which will help you understand why travelers rave about this country.

Ancient Temples
Cambodia has plenty of temples and religious shrines scattered across the country. Cambodia’sbiggest draw is undoubtedly Angkor Wat, the world biggest religiouscomplex in the world. The Angkor temple complex is a UNESCO world heritage site which is a part ofthe glorious Angkor Empire dating back to 12th century. The sprawling temple complex is an architectural feat and is home to various stunning structures including Ta Som and Banteay Srei.

Incredible Islands
An escape to the perfect patch of sand by the shores ofthe serene blue seawhere you can relax under rustling palms is somethingeveryone dreams to explore. Cambodia has its version of beautiful islands toexplore; sometimes the beauty is defined by the sea that surrounds them. Koh Rong, the backpacker’s paradise is the most popular island in Cambodia revered forfull moon parties, bars,and lively night experiences. If you want to completely stay away from all of it and escape to a peaceful destination, Koh Ta Kiev is the perfect destination for visiting Cambodia in 2019. Koh Ta Kiev is a stunning an incredible tourist beach offers a calm and quiet environment with no Wi-Fi and electricity-just gorgeous beaches and bamboo huts all around.

Vibrant Shopping Markets
While tourists around the world put Singapore or Bangkok as the bestshopping destinations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is one countrywhich has lots of brilliant shopping places like the central market, Night market, and Kandal market,etc.,where you will find everything from clothes, artpieces, souvenirs, and food. The capital Phnom Penh has plenty of choices like Toul TomPoung (Russian market), Street 240 Aeon Shopping mall, Phsar Chas (Old market), City mall and Orussei market to explore during your Cambodia tours. It is an excellent city for shopping, be prepared for a sweaty house of digging through lots of clothes, tchotchkes, souvenirs, cheap electronics, jewelry and much more.

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Kampot- The Gorgeous River Side Town
Among other exciting locations in Cambodia, Kampot has a special status due to its unique agricultural tag. Situated in the south part of the country, Kampot is the famous provincial town in southern Cambodia with lots of riverside guesthouses. Though small and sleepy, it is renowned for the cultivation of durian and Kampot pepper. You can even visit a pepper plantation to understand the techniques of farming and how they maintain the identity of each crop. Kampot’s sleepiness is an integral part of its charm; life feelsslowthere with unrushed streets and calm atmosphere. You can see a mix of French colonial and Chinesestyle shop houses with crumbling architecture. The major attraction of Kampot is the riverside location at the foot of Elephant Mountains. The river promenade enchants travelers and locals at sunset during evening strolls.

Kep- The Ancient Colonial Resort Town
Kep is the oldcolonial resort town of Cambodia situated close to Vietnam border in the south side of the country. A trip to Cambodia in 2019 won’t complete unless you include Kep the old wealthy space for the French elite and later grew into a military hub during the times of Khmer empire. Its elite retreat Knai Bang Chatt has some of the mostbeautiful villas converted into hotel rooms in a gorgeous waterfront location. Nestled in the hills overlookingthe sea, all the accommodation fascinating and sure to keep travelers interested. Kep’s central hub is bustling market places which attract tourists from all over the world.

Fascinating History of Cambodia
Cambodia has a rich and fascinating history, the majority of which is quite shocking as the country is still struggling to recover from the rule of Khmer Rouge and the genocide in the late 70's. Though Cambodia is an emerging country, there arelots of reasons to be optimistic about its glorious future as the tourismindustry takes the country into the new horizon of hope and expectations.

In Cambodia, there are various places help you to understand its rich and tragichistories like Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh and the killing fields situated outside the city. Though upsetting these are some of the significantplaces to understand the struggle it had and they transformed to the present situation.To dig into the rich history of Cambodia, you may engage with the best Cambodia travel agents who are knowledgeable about the country’s past. In Phnom Penh, there are beautiful colonial style hotels which offer a glimpse of past life.

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Signature Cuisine of Cambodia
Though not popular as Vietnamese and Thai, Cambodian cuisines areequally delicious. A typicalCambodian meal consists of soup, salad, main course seafood, rice and vegetables,and Cambodians desert. Cambodian or Khmer cuisines have got significant influence from different countries. As the country was Frenchcolony for several years, its cuisine reflects the influence of Chinese, French, Thai and Vietnamese elements.

The signature dish of Cambodia is Fish Amok, a coconut milk based fish curry served with rice. Beef Lok Lak is also another popular dish in the Kampot and Kep regions. You can find several street food vendors and restaurants serving fried snakes, crickets and insects for enjoying a challenging, unusual experience.

Welcoming People
Cambodian peopleare some of the mostresilient bunch of people in the world with an incrediblyfriendly and welcoming attitude. While having gone through poverty, torture and toughtimes, theyare still courteous and welcoming. Hiring the best Cambodia tour operators are highly recommended to explore the country in a way that suits your interests and budget.

From the moment you land in the country, you would feel the difference, when seeing the smiling faces of Cambodians, indeed a heartwarming experience. When you take strolls along the waterfront or visiting a hotel, localswould show interest to talk to you and tell us about their country’s beautiful history.

In Conclusion
Hope you have enough reasons to visit this stunningly beautiful country. Once you arein the country, you will realize how Cambodia’s mesmerizing charm extends beyond the temple complex of Angkor Wat. The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and April which is the dry season. Whereas, the wet season is the time when Cambodia’s landscape comes to life, painting the scenery with its vibrant green color. From its inviting people to bustling beaches and charming ancientcities, Cambodia is one such country in the world you must visit at least once.