Ma Phi Leng Pass – The Incredible Tourist Destination

29, December, 2017

 Ma Phi Leng Pass – The Incredible Tourist Destination

Ma Phi Leng Peak is the most scenic mountain pass in Vietnam, and it received the name due to its unique shape. In the Hmong language, it means bridge of horse's nose. It is 20 kilometers long at an altitude of 1,500 meters and famous as "The Happiness Road” connecting Don Van, Ha Giang, and Meo Vac town.

To reach Ma Phi Leng Pass you have to cross the high mountain passes like Heaven Gate Pass, Can Ty Pass, Bac Sum Pass, etc. This mountain pass is in Ha Giang Province of northern Vietnam and located in Dong Van Geo Parks which is a global Geo Park. The panoramic view along the roadside is an enchanting experience, and one would never get bored by watching the kaleidoscopic look for hours.

Though this Pass is not long, it is one of the most dangerous passes in the mountain area. Ma Phi Leng Pass has the most spectacular scenic view and also nicknamed as, ‘King of Vietnam's pass, Pyramid of Meo or the Great Wall of Vietnam.  

Best Tourist Attraction
Ma Phi Leng Pass is a super geosite where travelers can easily find faulting, folding, different types of non-karst and karst landforms including chrono-stratigraphic boundaries and karst formations. It is indeed worth sightseeing not only due to the beauty of the natural landscape but also for its historical factors. A stopover station for travelers has been built to stop and enjoy the heavenly view of the place.

The Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have decided to classify this area including the Pass as regional heritage due to its unique geomorphology and landscape. The Pass attracts tourist because of its natural, serene beauty. Even the view of Nho Que River from the pass looks like silk ribbon looms. The beauty enchants the travelers visiting the pass with mesmerizing experience.

Best time to visit:
From early October until late April is the ideal season for visiting the pass becauseof the dry season with little rain and cool climate. The occasional rail will not be substantial in nature as in summer, and the temperature will be comfortable. During the season, in January and February, you can find the thick blanket of snow covering the mountains, which will be another delightful experience to watch. In early October, the rice terrain changes color from green to yellow. It is the season heralds for harvest, and the ethnic community will appear in their best colorful costume busy with harvesting.
Visiting the mountain pass through Vietnam tour packages:

You can find many tour operators offering excellent travel packages and tailored packages meeting your personal interests.  People who know the location can visit the pass without any local or tour operators' assistance.  You can find many options to reach there, by car, trekking or motor bike.  Out of all these motorbike journeys are very adventurous, and it needs lots of riding skills.  You can find experienced motorbike riders to take you to the peak of the pass.

When traveling by motorbike, you are bound to spend more time, in fact, every 5 minutes stoppage will be a must. Riding on motorcycles on national road No 4C from Ha Giang via Dong Van to Meo Vac will be very hectic as the asphalt road is very sinuous and required profuse skills. The many drops along the route and hairpins even makes the most expert driver dizzy. But the sceneries are worth to compensate the trouble one take to meet the fairy tale experience. If you opt to hire a car for reaching the pass, you will have to pass through the same route, which will be comparatively riskless than the motorbike ride.

On your way to Ma Phi Leng Pass, the spectacular view of NhoQue River shall giveanother thrilling experience.  Ma Phi Leng Pass is a resourceful inspiration for art and literature lovers.  It is not a surprise, when the popular contemporary poet, Nguyen Hai Tung exclaimed, “Oh My God! How extreme and grand! … Stepping on the cloud and heaven is just within reach.”  You will find beauty in its full volume, in every macro element, a moment of intense feeling, filled with joy and happiness! Incredible Ma Phi Leng Pass!

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