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Amazing tour of Southeast Asia

Amazing tour of Southeast Asia
Reviewed July 7, 2015 NEW

I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with Vivutravel. In November-December of 2014 I visited Thailand and Vietnam with my two adult children. I had the good fortune to be able to return in June with my third adult child. I booked my first trip through Vivutravel with Kim Dung. I had no prior knowledge of this part of the world, so I relied solely on her recommendations. I sent many emails and made many changes before settling on our the itinerary.

My emails were always met with prompt responses and cheerful patience. Our hotels were affordable and lovely and the service we received was excellent. If ever I had a question or concern, either before and during our trips, Kim was always available and quickly clarified or rectified the issue. Because of our amazing experience, I did not hesitate to contact her when I planned our next trip 7 month later. This time we added Cambodia to the itinerary.

During both trips, all of our guides were knowledgeable, and interesting, and spoke very good English. At all times, we felt safe and well cared for. At the end of each stay, we felt like we were leaving friends behind. Both of our trips were beautiful and amazing. The one of the many things I appreciated is that Kim is knowledgable about the weather and which areas are best visited at which times of the year. She tailored our trip around this, and since there are so many beautiful sites to see we always had plenty to do in areas in which the weather was optimal. As an American, I did not know what to expect from these countries.

I can honestly say that these two trips were life changing. The scenery was unreal, and the people of these countries are some of the warmest, most lovely and welcoming people I have ever had the good fortune of meeting--both the citizens and the people of Vivutravel.

Visited June 2015
Lisa T