Customer Testimonials

Vivu Travel Delivers A Great Time

I was amazed to learn that I would be flying from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City on a Boeing 787, aka, the Dreamliner. After spending a few weeks getting to know the amazing city that is Hanoi, I decided that it was time to head south. My first call in Vietnam whenever I need anything travel related is Vivu Travel, and they didn't disappoint me when I asked them to book a ticket headed south.

Vivu Travel is fast, reliable, and this time, they even held a ticket on a packed flight for me. I needed a day to organized payment, but they had a ticket waiting for me, and even accepted PayPal. I also engaged their services to secure my 3 month entry visa, and no matter what I ask them to do, it is taken care of quickly, and at a great price.

I felt bad for the guy who was having problems in the airport in Hong Kong because the visa agent misspelled something, and he was going though a lot of stress because of that little oversight. The visa agent at Vivu made me double check that all the visa information was correct, and only then they they put the paperwork though.

To say I was thankful is an understatement, and I was happy to pass through the border quickly. If you need any sort of travel or visa arrangements made in Vietnam, think of Vivu Travel first thing. I have had great experiences with them, and plan to use their services whenever I need to.

Warm regards,