Tips for Vietnam visa on arrival

Organising a visa for the Vietnam holiday can be one of the more complicated an time-consuming aspects of getting prepared. Rules can vary and often change in regards to where you come from, how you plan to get there, and where you want to go. One of the easiest Vietnam visa options to organise is the visa on arrival (VOA). This type of visa has a quick and simple application process and can typically be arranged in a matter of 2-3 business days.

vietnam visa on arrival

Here are a few useful tips for the Vietnam visa on arrival:

1) The application for the Vietnam visa “letter of approval” must be made via a local Vietnam travel agent or tour operator before finalising the travel plans. The Vietnam visa on arrival is not intended to mean travellers arrive in Vietnam with doing anything beforehand. The basic process is to apply for this pre-approval letter before your flight to Vietnam. The letter is enough to travel and on arrival at the destination Vietnam airport the full visa stamp is picked up.

2) The Vietnam visa on arrival is only applicable to travellers that intend to arrive in Vietnam by air. The actual visa stamp takes place at one of Vietnam’s international airports, not at a border gate. For this reason, the VOA is not an acceptable option to enter Vietnam via a sea port or land border. So, if you don’t plan to enter Vietnam via an international airport, just make sure you have organised a visa in advance (local embassy or e-visa).

3) Avoid leaving the visa application until the last minute. The Vietnam visa on arrival typically takes in the region of 2-3 business days to organise via a third-party travel agent. If you leave it late and need the application processed in just 1 working day, there is certain to be an extra charge. So, it is highly recommended to start the application process early to save you money.

4) Complete the online application with great care and attention to avoid making spelling/typo or other mistakes. If any mistakes appear in the visa approval letter there is the risk of entry refusal into Vietnam. However, if you do detect the mistake prior to departure, you will need to start the application process from the beginning. Once issued the visa approval letter cannot be changed. Also, the service fee paid to the local travel agent or tour operator is not refundable, so any mistake of your own fault, the fee must be paid a second time.

5) The visa validity will start from the date noted on your original application, and not the date of entering Vietnam. So, it is worth having a good idea of the travel plans to make sure you have the correct information and the cheap visa to Vietnam duration will easily cover the intended stay in Vietnam.  

6) Visa extension: many travellers believe it is relatively straightforward to extend the 1 month visa after arriving in Vietnam, but this isn’t always the case. There is the option to extend the visa, however, the process can be time consuming and costly. So, for  travellers that are thinking of staying a little longer, it may be worth applying for the 3 month visa instead of leaving it late to decide and hoping to save money.

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