Do Son Beach in Hai Phong

The high season for Do Son Beach runs from May to August because that corresponds to the local holidays. This is in fact when the majority of the rain falls with November onwards regarded as the dry season when it remains warm and is certainly suitable for overseas tourists. Do Son is still largely a Vietnam beach holiday resort that overseas tourists have yet to find. It was largely a creation of foreigners, a place to relax for the French and wealthy Vietnamese in colonial times. They needed somewhere to relax away from the important north-east coast port of Hai Phong which is one of the most important cities in the whole of Vietnam. The tree-lined boulevards are a clear sign of the former French presence.

do son beach in hai phong

Do Son Beach is about 20 kilometres out of Hai Phong. It is a means of escaping the city with bars, restaurants and a casino though it is not as pristine as many other Vietnam beaches because of the tendency for silting up in the sea. However, the setting remains nice with mountains and sandalwood and pine trees on the slopes. The water sports are good and at the end of the day, the seafood is a must. You can expect the day’s catch cooked in typically Vietnamese style.

If you intend to stay, then you may fancy a trip into Hai Phong where there are one or two things worth seeing; the Opera House, the Queen of the Rosary Cathedral, the Du Hang Pagoda and the City Museum spring to mind.

Hanoi is just a three-hour trip to the west and as an important entry point to the Country, it is likely that more overseas visitors will start to consider Do Son if they intend to remain just in the north of the country.

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